Your guide to rejuvenation and wellness at Privilee venues.

Dive into Privilee’s round-up of top-notch recovery facilities designed to refresh your body and mind. Whether you're looking to unwind in a sauna, detox in a steam room, invigorate with an ice bath, or cool off in a plunge pool, we've got you covered. 


Saunas offer a variety of amazing health benefits. Flush toxins from the body and promote a cleaner system by spending just a few minutes in the heated rooms. The heat from the sauna increases heart rate and dilates blood vessels, enhancing blood flow and oxygen delivery to tissues. Regular sauna use can reduce muscle soreness and speed up recovery after intense exercise. Plus, the tranquil environment of a sauna, combined with the heat, helps reduce stress levels, promoting mental well-being.

Privilee Members get complimentary access to saunas at the below venues: 

Abu Dhabi


Privilee Members get 20% off access to the infrared sauna at BOXiQ

Ras Al Khaimah


Steam rooms

Spending time in a steam room has many advantages. From detoxifying the body and improving circulation to aiding in muscle recovery and decreasing soreness, steam rooms offer a holistic approach to wellness. In addition, they decrease stress levels, promoting relaxation and better sleep.

Privilee Members get complimentary access to steam rooms at the below venues:

Abu Dhabi:



Plunge pools

Plunge pools are excellent for minimising inflammation and soreness post-exercise. Alternating between cold water and warmth stimulates circulation, boosting your cardiovascular health. Besides physical benefits, plunging into cold water boosts alertness and revitalises the mind. Whether for muscle recovery, stress relief, or overall wellness, plunge pools rejuvenate your body and mind.

Privilee Members get complimentary access to plunge pools at the below venues:

Abu Dhabi


Privilee Members get a preferential rate of AED 100 to access the plunge pool at 700 Padel & Fitness Hub

Ice baths

Ice baths are great for fitness enthusiasts looking to accelerate recovery between training sessions or competitions. They can also enhance mental resilience by training the mind to adapt to challenging conditions.

Privilee Members get preferential rates on ice baths at the below venues:

Ready to take your recovery sessions to the next level? There’s an option for everyone, whether it's detoxifying your body, soothing your muscles, or testing your mind. 


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Jun 19, 2024