Elevate your workouts at this hotspot.

Add a new lease of life to your fitness regime at 700 Padel & Fitness Hub! Spice up your routine, try something new or kick-start your wellness journey at this hidden gem in Al Barsha. 

700 Padel & Fitness was created to fulfil your padel, fitness, and wellness desires. Immerse yourself in a world of top-tier facilities, boasting results-driven fitness classes, cutting-edge equipment, expert instructors, and premium courts. 

Feel empowered

Embrace the challenge and conquer your fitness goals in two complimentary fitness classes per week at 700 Padel & Fitness Hub. Discover a dynamic selection of 18 class types spanning across four innovative studios. Whether it's the adrenaline-pumping beats of boxing, the vibrations of a sound bath meditation, or the energetic intensity of HIIT, there's a class for every mood and fitness level.

Each studio is designed to focus on a different element of training; Boxing, Yoga, Cycling, and Functional Training. Get ready for every session to challenge your body and ignite your spirit!

Discover classes:

  • 700 Beats - Rev up your workout! This high-energy cycling class combines technique, pulsating music, vibrant lighting, and expert coaching. Speed and climb to the beat, with time-based drills building power and endurance.
  • 700 Functional Fitness - Get stronger! Push your limits, and sculpt a stronger, leaner you with equipment and bodyweight exercises.
  • 700 HIIT - Power up! This circuit-style class hits your entire body. Elevate your strength and endurance with quick, intense bursts of exercises, blending weight training, cardio, and core work.
  • 700 Fit Boxing - Get to work! Boost muscle coordination and reflexes through boxing movements while enhancing your balance. 
  • Dynamic Vinyasa - Flow gracefully! Journey through a dynamic yoga class that challenges your limits, aimed at cultivating strength, enhancing flexibility, and boosting stamina.

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Join The Circle

Push your boundaries in a high-energy class surrounded by enthusiastic individuals. At 700 Padel & Fitness Hub, it's more than a gym; you’ll be joining a lively and welcoming community. Redefine your limits alongside like-minded fitness enthusiasts!

Master your game 

Whether you're a seasoned padel player or a beginner looking to try something new, the courts at 700 Padel & Fitness Hub provide the perfect setting for an exciting match. Refine your skills with complimentary padel classes, such as Padel Conditioning and Padel Mobility. Plus, enjoy a preferential rate on court bookings!

There are six indoor courts available, designed to accommodate players of all levels and ages. 

Privilee Members get a preferential rate of AED 95 per person for a 90-minute padel court booking, Monday to Thursday from 7.30am to 5pm.

Recover and revitalise

After an exhilarating workout or a challenging padel session, treat yourself to some well-deserved recovery time. Privilee Members can enjoy a plunge pool experience at a preferential rate of AED 100. Immerse yourself in relaxation, rejuvenate your muscles, and let the cool waters revive your senses.

Prefer the warmth? Step into 700 Padel & Fitness Hub’s sauna room and enjoy the perfect environment to unwind and detoxify. 

Are you ready to feel your fittest and make 700 Padel & Fitness Hub your go-to wellness destination? Let the fitness adventures begin, every workout is a step closer to becoming the best version of yourself.

Membership benefits at 700 Padel & Fitness Hub:

  • Two complimentary fitness classes per week. 
  • A preferential rate of AED 95 per person for 90-minute padel court bookings. This is valid on court bookings Monday to Thursday from 7.30am to 5pm. 
  • A preferential rate of AED 100 for plunge pool access.


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Jan 11, 2024