Unleash your inner champ!

Discover the exhilarating world of fitness at BOXiQ! Join one complimentary fitness class per week at the powerhouse nestled in the heart of Al Quoz. Step into the ring of greatness and sculpt your body.

Ignite your passion

BOXiQ is renowned for its world-class facilities and top-tier trainers, making it the ultimate choice for fighters dedicated to upping their boxing game. The cutting-edge space provides an unparalleled environment to train and refine your skills.

Discover two full-size boxing rings and high-end equipment, including an extensive selection of premium punching bags and spacious training areas for various workouts. The carefully designed layout is crafted to optimise boxing training sessions, ensuring every punch, jab, and hook is honed to perfection.

Experience a knockout workout 

Privilee Members can join one complimentary fitness class per week at BOXiQ. Unlock a world of diverse workouts! From heart-pounding boxing circuits to mastering the fundamentals of boxing, each class is unique and will challenge you. 

Punch, kick, and sweat your way to a fitter you, all while discovering the powerful connection between mind and body. Experience a knockout workout every time you step into the ring!

Get a taste of what’s waiting for you: 

  • Box Tech - Master boxing essentials! Elevate your focus and stamina in this technique-driven class. Uncover foundations while boosting concentration and endurance.
  • Boxing Conditioning - Sharpen your boxing edge! Conditioning classes target key skills through bag work and strength drills.
  • Boxing Fundamentals - Discover the fundamentals of boxing while enhancing your concentration in this technique-oriented class.
  • Champ Camp - Dive into a specially crafted training session that mirrors the intensity and dedication of world champions.

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Claim victory

What sets BOXiQ apart is its team of coaches. Get guided by experts and professional boxers who bring passion and skill to every session, pushing you beyond your limits. These professionals aren't just trainers; they're mentors and motivators that will lead you to victory. Expect personalised attention, dynamic workouts, and the wisdom of those who've mastered the art of boxing. 

Elevate your recovery

At BOXiQ, recovery is just as important as the workout itself. Take advantage of 50% off ice baths and infrared sauna sessions until Thursday 8th February 2024! Treat your body like the champion it is, and enhance your recovery to set the stage for your next triumph. From Friday 9th February 2024, Privilee Members save 20% on ice baths and infrared sauna sessions. 

Get ready to rumble

The ring is set, the coaches are ready, and the challenge awaits. Step into the world where champions are made and goals are crushed. Unleash your inner champ, and let BOXiQ be the arena where you explore what's possible.

Privilee Membership benefits at BOXiQ:

  • Join one complimentary fitness class per week. 
  • 20% off ice baths and infrared sauna sessions.
  • 10% off personal training sessions.
  • Access to the changing facilities. 
  • Complimentary self-parking available. 

Please note that Privilee Members are required to bring their own equipment or rent it from BOXiQ.


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Jan 10, 2024