Train, recover, and perform at this one-of-a-kind fitness studio!

Privilee Members can now join one complimentary group fitness class per week at this boutique studio in City Walk! Renowned for its clean-cut aesthetics, high-intensity workouts, and expert instructors, prepare to discover a new level of fitness at DROP10.

Here is what you need to know!

Build power, endurance, and strength

Get ready for a full-body workout in just 35 minutes at DROP10! The short and effective workouts are perfect for squeezing in a session before work or starting your day.

There are three class types, with options focusing on upper and lower body, plus the chance to train in ladies-only sessions. 

Find out more about each class type below: 


Challenge your body with quick movements and increase your anaerobic capacity in Burn, a high-speed 35-minute HIIT class. Push beyond your limits and build power, endurance and strength. 


The 35-minute Build workout is designed to build muscle and strength. Put your body through physical and mental challenges using kettlebells, barbells, slams, Ski-ergs and your body weight. These classes are also available with an upper or lower body focus, where movements are tailored towards these muscle groups to get you results! 


The DROP10 Full Body Challenge class is a unique opportunity to test your fitness and reach new heights! The workouts are high reps and high volume, combining the best of Burn and Build! Work out in teams alongside like-minded fitness enthusiasts to motivate you along the way. 

Discover a vibrant and electric vibe

Prepare for an upbeat and high-energy atmosphere in every class. Stay motivated by pumping music, strobe lights, and expert coaches to guide you along the way. 

Immerse yourself in the clean-cut aesthetics

With its grey-washed concrete walls, high ceilings and minimalist interiors, DROP10 has a cool and sleek vibe throughout. Step into the spacious reception area and you’ll find DROP10 merch to buy, a juice bar to fulfil all your pre and post-workout needs, and quirky lighting throughout. The Insta opportunities are endless!

The DROP10 studio is darkly lit and kitted out with brand-new equipment, each person has their own personal, fully equipped station and a mirror. You’re provided with everything you need.

Boost your recovery

Enjoy 10% off DROP10’s Recovery Packages - the ultimate way to boost your recovery and training regime! Soothe your muscles and enhance your performance with ice baths and the help of compression machines. 

The wellness area, ‘Take 10’, features low lighting and twinkling lights in the ceiling so you can fully switch off and relax your mind whilst taking an ice bath. In a separate room is the compression machinery, offering an array of tools to reduce Inflammation, improve blood circulation and speed up muscle recovery. 

Privilee Member benefits at DROP10:

  • Join one complimentary fitness class per week. 
  • Access to the changing facilities. 
  • 10% off Recovery Packages, including ice baths and compression machine sessions. 
  • Complimentary parking is available for 1.5 hours in The Hub Basement Parking. Parking must be validated by DROP10.
  • Towels are provided at the studio. 

Please call or WhatsApp +971 50 299 5915 to book a class at DROP10. Classes from Sunday to Friday can be booked up to seven days in advance, classes on Saturday can be booked 24 hours in advance.


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Sep 21, 2023