Get ready to fiesta...

Embark on a gastronomic journey through the vibrant flavours of South America, where the authentic dishes of Peru and the zesty delights of Brazil transport you to the heart of the continent!

Immerse yourself in the lively rhythms and vibrant atmosphere as you explore these top-rated restaurants. Whether you crave a pulsating energy and buzzing atmosphere or a refined and sophisticated ambience, these dining destinations promise the tantalising tastes that capture the essence of South America.

Chamas Churrascaria & Bar - InterContinental Abu Dhabi

Satisfy your cravings at Chamas Churrascaria & Bar! As you settle into the warm and inviting atmosphere, an endless parade of succulent meats, skewered and cooked to perfection, are brought to your table. Indulge in tender cuts of beef, lamb, and chicken, accompanied by a delectable buffet of traditional Brazilian sides. The vibrant ambience and lively energy at Chamas Churrascaria & Bar create an immersive South American feast.

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Frevo - Fairmont The Palm

Nestled within Fairmont The Palm, Frevo is a culinary gem that celebrates the vibrant spirit of Brazil. As you step into the energetic and lively restaurant, you'll be greeted by the sounds of samba and the enticing aroma of grilled meats wafting from the churrasco grill. Indulge in an authentic Brazilian dining experience, where succulent cuts of meat are carved tableside, accompanied by a mouthwatering selection of traditional sides. 

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Transport yourself to the sun-soaked beaches of Latin America at PLAYA Dubai. This vibrant and trendy beach club and restaurant on Palm West Beach captures the essence of South American cuisine in a chic, Instagrammable setting with a lively atmosphere and resident DJs.

Prepare to be dazzled as traditional Latin American dishes are reimagined with a modern twist. From ceviche bursting with zesty citrus notes to savoury empanadas and tantalising grilled delicacies.

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Vista Restaurant & Terrace - InterContinental Festival City

Vista Restaurant & Terrace offers a delightful journey through South America against the backdrop of stunning Dubai Creek views. Savour an enticing fusion of traditional South American and international cuisines, from mouthwatering Peruvian ceviche to Argentinean empanadas and Brazilian feijoada. The contemporary yet relaxed atmosphere of Vista Restaurant & Terrace provides the perfect setting to unwind and relish the diverse dishes of South America.

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Jun 5, 2023