Revitalise your routine post-summer with Privilee!

Ready to get back to it after a well-deserved break? Crush your fitness goals, fuel your body, and reach your potential with Privilee! Train at top-notch gyms, stay motivated in dynamic fitness classes, and savour nutritious delights at healthy restaurants and cafés. One app has everything you need!

Discover the benefits of a routine and how your Privilee membership can help you

Become more productive

Routines help you establish a structure to your day, allowing you to be more efficient. By allocating time for different activities, you can prioritise and focus on what you want to achieve, leading to increased productivity.

Reduce stress 

Knowing what to expect and having a sense of control over your day can significantly reduce stress levels. Routines provide a sense of stability and security, allowing you to better manage daily challenges and unexpected events.

Establish healthy habits

Routines can be instrumental in establishing and maintaining healthy habits. Whether it's maintaining a regular exercise routine, setting aside time for self-care, or eating a balanced diet, having a routine makes it easier to incorporate these habits into your daily life.

Enhance your wellbeing 

Routines can contribute to overall well-being by providing structure and stability in your life. They can help create a sense of purpose and promote a healthy work-life balance. A well-balanced routine can also allow time for relaxation, hobbies, and spending quality time with loved ones.

How can Privilee help you to establish a routine?

Workout at Abu Dhabi and Dubai’s best gyms

Access a huge range of premium gyms and fitness studios across the UAE. From enormous fitness complexes to boutique-style studios and conveniently located hotel gyms, discover what works best for you. Explore different environments, workout styles, and equipment options, every day of the week - there are options for everyone! 

Below are some of Privilee Members' favourite spots to train at:

Abu Dhabi:


View all fitness venues here

Stay motivated in fun and results-driven fitness classes

Join action-packed fitness classes, complimentary with your membership! 

Get back into your routine with the help of fun, challenging and unique fitness classes that are guided by expert trainers. The support of a coach and other fitness enthusiasts in the class is a great way to remain motivated! 

From mindful yoga flows and relaxing stretch classes to heart-pounding CrossFit WODs and energetic spin sessions - you’re not short of classes to try! Keep your workouts exciting and testing as you try new things, push yourself, and have a good time along the way!

Add a fitness class from of these gyms and studios into your routine! 

Abu Dhabi:


Take a look at the fitness class schedule

Take time to recover

When embarking on a fitness routine, taking time to recover is crucial! It allows muscles to repair and rebuild and promotes relaxation and a balanced lifestyle. Thanks to Privilee, it couldn’t be easier! 

Whether you want to soothe your muscles in sauna and steam rooms, or simply take a rest day at a five-star pool, Privilee has you covered. 

Check out these top spots for a relaxing pool and beach day…

Abu Dhabi


Nail your nutrition

Make the most of your incredible rates on food and drinks, and get your nutrition on track! 

From delicious açaí bowls and fresh juices at Common Grounds to fresh and healthy salads on the beachfront of Ula Dubai, there are so many exciting eateries to try for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Looking for healthy (and tasty!) restaurants and cafés? Make a beeline for these!

Abu Dhabi

  • Adrenagy Cafe - 20% off
  • Fishmarket at InterContinental - 30% off
  • The Cafe at MProve Fitness - 10% off


  • Harvest & Co at Warehouse Gym Jumeirah Park - 25% off 
  • Jones The Grocer at Hilton Dubai Palm Jumeirah - 20% off
  • SEVA Table - 20% off

Ready to get back to it? Good luck! 


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Sep 1, 2023