A fitness evolution, located at Jumeirah Islands Pavilion!

Looking for results-driven, fun workouts!? Then this incredible fitness studio is for you! Reset Fitness offers functional training classes to suit all ages and levels of fitness, in a high-energy and motivating environment. 

What to expect at the fitness studio… 

Four different disciplines

Each circuit class at Reset Fitness is a maximum of 50-minutes and is designed to challenge you, with a different workout every day of the week. Members can attend two complimentary classes per week.

We’ve broken down each discipline for you below!

Cardio (Monday + Friday)

Test your cardio capacity and push yourself into the fat-burning zone with these high-intensity sessions, involving plyometric movements, superset repetitions, and short rests. 

Strength (Tuesday + Saturday)

Isolate muscle groups in these slower-paced classes, which incorporate higher weights and fewer reps - so you can really sculpt that body and build resistance!

Combat (Wednesday)

Need to let off some steam? These high-intensity workouts incorporate mixed martial arts and boxing movements, plus full-body combat exercises to not only help you de-stress but turn you into a lean machine! 

Shape (Thursday + Sunday)

Improve your balance, coordination and strengthen your core with a mix of strength and cardio training in Shape classes. The progressive overload training style aims to burn more calories and target specific muscle groups to help shape your body.

Two intensity levels 

Whether you’re new to exercise or a fitness fanatic, both are catered for at Reset Fitness, so your workout can be tailored to you! 

Newbies can go for the “Functional” training level, and if you want to make your workout a little more intense, go for the “Athletic” workout.

Smarter, more efficient workouts

Reset Fitness will provide you with a heart rate monitor when you train here, this can be worn on your wrist and allows you to track your heart rate and calories burned on the in-studio live screens! That means you can see how hard you're working throughout the class and ensure you’re in the optimal training zone to get maximum results - or push yourself harder if you know you can do better! If you have your own device, check at reception if this is compatible with Reset Fitness' live screens.

Flexible class times

Choose a class time that suits you at Reset Fitness, with options available from 6am to 6.30pm! You can view the full fitness schedule here.

An amazing Refuel Bar!

Privilee Members save 10% at this tasty snack bar, where a selection of shakes and healthy snacks are available. You can even pre-order before your workout, so it’s ready for you when you leave! There are also coffees available (for just AED 12!) if you need a caffeine boost before or after. It’s the perfect way to end your workout if you ask us… 

Body Assessments

Reset Fitness is the only studio in the UAE to offer body assessments using the super advanced ‘AfaScan’ Machine. This is a functional fitness assessment that details your weight, body mass, muscle mass, bone mass, and fat percentage, to help you build a sustainable, healthier lifestyle based on your metrics. The best bit? Privilee Members save 10% on comprehensive assessments at Reset Fitness, so it’s a great way to learn more about your specific needs and then tailor a fitness plan to whatever goal you’re working towards.

A super friendly, community vibe

Reset Fitness’ motto is ‘Join the Tribe’, and that’s exactly what they want you to do! You will be welcomed to a friendly and relaxed environment, with trainers that are experts in their field and there to guide you along the way - regardless of your fitness level or experience. 

Located at Jumeirah Islands Pavilion, Reset Fitness is surrounded by lots of great cafes, including Brunch & Cake, Circle Cafe & The Hamptons - so it’s perfect if you’re working out with a friend or need to refuel afterwards!

How to book: 

  • For your first class, call +971 50 757 7042 to book (Members can book up to five days in advance).
  • When you arrive for your first class (please arrive early), Reset Fitness will help you to register your details and download the Reset app.
  • Book your future classes directly through the Reset app.  
  • If you would like to attend more than two classes per week, Members can purchase additional classes through Reset Fitness directly.

Member benefits: 

  • Two complimentary classes per week. 
  • Members can book their class five days in advance. 
  • 3 hours free parking available outside the studio - please ask reception to validate your parking when you leave.
  • 10% off Refuel Bar. 
  • 10% off Comprehensive Assessments (using the AfaScan Machine - the only one in the UAE!). 
  • 15% off Reset Fitness Teen classes. Which include specially designed, age-appropriate workouts for 13-18-year-olds. Contact Reset Fitness directly at +971 50 757 7042 for more details or to sign up, just let them know that you are a Privilee Member. From 6th September 2022.


Can I attend more than two classes per week at Reset Fitness?

Privilee Members can attend two complimentary classes with Privilee per week. Privilee Members can purchase additional classes through Reset Fitness directly.

Where can I view the classes available?

View the fitness class schedule at Reset Fitness here. 

How do I cancel a class I’ve booked with Privilee at Reset Fitness?

Please cancel your class via the Reset app. If this is your first visit to Reset Fitness, please call 050 757 7042 to cancel. 

Please note, that there is a 12-hour cancelation policy - Privilee Members will be charged AED 60 for classes canceled less than 12 hours in advance, this will be charged through your Privilee account. 

What happens if I miss a class that I have booked?

If you miss a class without canceling beforehand, you will be charged AED 60. This will be charged through your Privilee account. 

Can I bring my child to a class at Reset Fitness?

Complimentary access to Reset Fitness is not included for children with Privilee. However, children aged 14+ can attend classes, for more details please contact Reset Fitness directly.

How do I book a body assessment? 

Body assessments can be booked through the reception team at Reset Fitness, just let them know you’re a Privilee Member to receive your 10% discount. More information on the AfaScan Machine and Body Assessments can be found here.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to The Privilee Team at info@Privilee.ae


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Jun 22, 2022