Meet Robyn, Privilee’s Partnership Specialist!

Looking for ways to make the most of Privilee and your shorter working hours during Ramadan? Find out how the Privilee Team are doing just that! 

Robyn, Privilee’s Partnership Specialist, shares how she’s using her time to try new things and switch up her fitness routine.  

Try new gyms and get into a routine

I’m typically a morning workout kind of girl as it sets me up for the day! Given that the gyms tend to be a little quieter due to other people's schedules changing during Ramadan, it means I have the opportunity to visit gyms that I don’t usually have as much time to explore.

So far, I have worked out at:

In addition, to the above, I’m aiming to make sure I have at least one class booked at The Den per week too. 

I’ve really enjoyed switching up my training at these gyms, they all have a different vibe, and equipment, and are located in various areas across Dubai - so I can still train regardless of where I am that day. Typically my weekly workout routine would consist of 2-3 strength sessions and 1-2 classes before work. However, I’m still getting back into a ‘set’ routine, so I’m taking the opportunity to explore different things and find what I want my new routine to look like. 

Keeping active

Alongside training in the gym, I’m generally a very active person. After work, I go for walks with my pup and when I can fit it in, I’ll play padel on the weekend. I’m excited to try it out at one of our newer padel venues, Mantra. This won’t change much throughout Ramadan, but I’ll aim to get some extra steps in on the beach after work while catching some sun! 

Robyn’s top tip:

Whilst you have shorter working hours during Ramadan, try exploring gyms and fitness studios you wouldn't usually go to. You may surprise yourself by learning something new and enjoying the process along the way!


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Mar 28, 2024