A London legacy

As one of the most prestigious fitness destinations in the heart of DIFC, 1Rebel is renowned for its top-of-the-line facilities and extraordinary workout experiences. 

Delve into the details of your amazing membership benefits at this exceptional gym and change the way you train! 

Discover 1Rebel

Originating from London, 1Rebel has gained an international reputation for its unique and cutting-edge approach to fitness. 

Step into the world of 1Rebel and discover its first and only open gym in the world, conveniently located at ICD Brookfield Place in DIFC. Prepare to be captivated by the upbeat energy, unparalleled ambience, and best-in-class equipment! 

Unlock an unmatched workout experience

With complimentary access to 1Rebel’s premium open gym, you can work your entire body in the ultimate fitness playground. Split into three sections, the gym has individual areas for cardio, strength and functional training, offering over 100 pieces of cutting-edge Technogym equipment! Read on to learn more about each section… 

Functional fun: Elevate your fitness 

Looking to add variety and excitement to your workouts? The functional training area at 1Rebel is the answer. Challenge yourself with an array of dynamic and engaging exercises that test your strength, coordination, balance, and agility. From squat racks and plyo boxes to rowing machines and assault bikes, there are endless opportunities to take your fitness journey to new heights.

Cardio haven: Ignite your inner athlete

Embark on a cardio adventure at 1Rebel's dedicated area designed to get your heart pumping and endorphins flowing. Equipped with industry-leading treadmills, SkiErg’s, StairMasters and much more, it’s the perfect setting for a high-intensity session. There are even bikes programmed with 1Rebel’s famous spin sessions, and running machines with contactless phone charging ports! Get ready to push your limits and surpass your fitness goals.

Strength emporium: Sculpt and define

For those seeking to build strength and sculpt their physique, 1Rebel's strength area boasts top-notch equipment. From a huge variety of free weights and resistance machines to fitness bands and gym balls, every corner is filled with all you need to go beyond your comfort zone. You'll have all the tools you need to unlock your true potential.

Soak up the clean-cut aesthetics

Beyond its exceptional fitness facilities, 1Rebel has meticulously designed every aspect of the gym to create a beautifully constructed space with an industrial luxe vibe.

As soon as you step into the gym, you’re immersed in neon lights, dim lighting, a cool vibe, and a stunning scent! Motivating quotes adorn the walls and mirrors are scattered throughout the gym to help you keep your form in check, providing plenty of Instagrammable opportunities. 

Enjoy five-star changing rooms 

Working out during your lunch break, before work or heading to a meeting? No problem! 1Rebel is home to top-tier changing rooms, with complimentary shower towels provided. The spacious changing rooms even feature Dyson and GHD hair tools, plus a SMEG fridge full of cold facecloths, infused with lavender to help you cool down after an epic workout! 

Refuel post-workout 

Smashed your session? Time to recharge, with a power-packed protein shake from 1Rebel’s Power Bar! Choose from ‘Lean’ and ‘Signature’ shakes, created by ShakeChef, infusing flavours such as berries, nuts, chocolate and mint. 

If you’re looking for an extra energy boost before class, you can also get your caffeine fix here! 

Privilee membership benefits at 1Rebel: 

  • Complimentary access to the open gym 
  • Complimentary access to the changing facilities
  • Two hours of complimentary parking at ICD Brookfield Place, when using the gym facilities. 

Please bring your own water bottle, however, there are two water refill stations available at 1Rebel. 

1Rebel group fitness classes can be purchased directly through the gym, access to classes is not included with Privilee. 


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Jul 3, 2023