ine from Privilee’s Marketing Team shares her Privilee’ing tips

Hej (Hi, in Danish) I’m Line which is a very strange name, and actually pronounced 'Leena'. I’ve been a part of the Privilee family for 4 years now, it’s safe to say I’ve tried almost all of our gyms, hotels and venues by now - I love to explore!

  • Where do you like to workout with Privilee?

I personally love to workout at StudioRepublik - the gym is big, has a great atmosphere and did I mention you get a free coffee when purchasing a meal at their cafe, ROH?! 

I also love to go to Final Round boxing when I want to change up my routine.

  • Have you used Privilee to try something new? 

Last year I was looking to take up a new sport so I took 10 tennis lessons at Habtoor Grand in Dubai Marina. It was great to try something different and I got a 25% discount on the lessons with my Privilee membership, win win! 

  • How do you incorporate working out with taking time out to relax?

I think what’s unique about the Privilee membership is that there is something for everyone. With all the hotel gyms available, it’s super easy to find a balance by hitting the gym in the morning for a workout before heading to the beach to chill and get a glass of wine!

Keep an eye out as we share more insider tips from the Privilee Team!

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Oct 27, 2021