knockout workout in just 30 minutes

If you want a fun, unique workout that is going to give you fantastic results, 9Round is a fitness studio you need to try out. They offer a kickboxing style workout that incorporates functional, interval, cardiovascular, and circuit training.

Read on to learn a bit more then give it a try! 

*If you’re already a keen boxer, remember to take your own wraps when you workout at 9Round, if you’re a newbie, 9Round will provide wraps for your first session. 

The 9Round experience...

Times to suit you

Possibly one of the best (and most convenient!) things about 9Round is the class timings - there are no class timings! Show up whenever suits you and a trainer will go through the circuits with you, then you begin your workout. 

Full body workout 

9Round workouts combine cardio and resistance training within 9 circuits for a complete, full-body workout in 30 minutes. The circuits are split to focus on different areas of fitness: 

Circuit 1-2: Strength and stamina

Circuit 3-8: Kickboxing and conditioning

Circuit 9: Core and abs

Workouts change daily

No circuit is ever the same at 9Round! Great for those who get bored easily and like a bit of variety, your workout here is always different, made to push your boundaries and increase your fitness levels.

30 minute classes

9Round are quick, effective workouts consisting of 9 different 3-minute circuits, every 3 minutes you move to the next station until you have completed the circuit. Before you know it, you’ve accomplished a gruelling workout using different muscle groups! Oh, and did we mention it’s an absolute calorie torcher? 

Supportive and motivating trainers

The trainers at 9Round are experts at what they do and are always willing to demonstrate exercises or correct your form where necessary. We found it super useful to be shown how to wrap our hands correctly, so we were fully supported when throwing knock-out punches! 

Ready to crush your workout at 9Round? We hope you love throwing punches just as much as we do, for fitness purposes obviously!

Remember to tag us at @Privilee_UAE when you go for your workout. 



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Oct 6, 2020