Workout motivation to get active if you want to get fit, but don’t like the gym!

If getting fit in 2023 is your goal, but you don’t fancy getting sweaty at a gym or being whipped into shape by a personal trainer, we’ve rounded up five activities to improve your health and fitness. 

The gym can be an intimidating place, especially if you’re just starting your fitness journey, so these activities are perfect if you’d like some extra guidance along the way or you would prefer to get active outdoors.

Sunset Mobility and Flexibility - Volt Fitness

Lengthen and strengthen muscles, release tension and promote joint mobility and stability in this 60-minute class at Volt Fitness. The best part? You get to admire the stunning sunset as the class takes place on the beach!

View the full fitness schedule here.

Spinning - Les Mills ‘The Trip’

With a pumping soundtrack, vibrant colours and a virtual track, The Trip is spinning for those who hate spinning, as it’s more like experiencing a 3D rollercoaster than a workout! The fully immersive experience is usually a 40-minute session, projected on a huge screen and each class takes you through different digitally created worlds.

Privilee gyms that offer Les Mills spinning classes are:

View the full fitness schedule here. 

Swing and aerial yoga

Swing and aerial yoga combine traditional postures of yoga with the aerial arts. Silk fabrics and/or ropes are hung from above to aid you in forming yoga positions which will improve your flexibility, stability, and balance. 

Privilee gyms that offer swing and aerial yoga classes are:

View the full fitness schedule here.


Work on your core muscles and burn calories as you paddle in the ocean, and as a bonus take in magnificent views of iconic buildings such as Burj Al Arab. 

View all of the venues where Privilee Members get a discount on water sports here.  

Trampolining - Abu Dhabi Ladies Club 

Join a 45-minute trampoline class at Abu Dhabi Ladies Club that combines plyometrics, cardio, and strength-building exercises to create a full-body workout. Get ready to use core muscles you didn’t know existed and burn more calories than you’d imagine!

View the full fitness schedule here.


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Jan 3, 2023