Find out why a health and fitness enthusiast loves to train at Wellfit Meydan.

Looking for a new gym or want to train somewhere different to your usual workout spot? Health and fitness enthusiast, Rabih El Turk, gives his take on Wellfit Meydan and why this gym is a one-stop fitness destination for all fitness levels and interests.

Staying active and keeping fit is very important to me, and something that I incorporate into my lifestyle. As I like to train several times per week, I often switch up which gyms I go to, as Privilee gives me access to so many across the city. That being said, I do have one or two favourites! One of which is Wellfit Meydan, due to the convenient location and second-to-none facilities. 

Here is what makes this gym the ideal training ground for me - and possibly for you too!

  1. Wellfit Meydan has lots of natural sunlight, you notice it from the moment you step into the gym and throughout. This is great as sunlight gives you a natural boost of energy!
  1. Due to the size of Wellfit Meydan, you can train comfortably without interruptions and it never feels crowded. The space is absolutely incredible - it is definitely one of the biggest gyms I’ve trained at. 
  1. You are never short of machines to use at Wellfit Meydan! There is plenty of cardiovascular machines, so you are never left waiting to use something and can get on with your workout.  
  1. Alongside ample cardiovascular machines, there is an incredible variety of Life Fitness strength/resistance machines, for every body part. No matter what your goals are or what you feel like focusing on - there will be a machine for it at Wellfit! 
  1. I love that Wellfit Meydan has a stretching area. Very few gyms have a designated area where you can enjoy a stretch at the end of your workout, and it's a crucial part of any training regime to ensure you recover sufficiently.  
  1. On the first floor of Wellfit Meydan is a CrossFit area! The facilities are amazing, with Olympic weightlifting equipment, platforms and ropes, etc, to train with. There are also CrossFit classes available which are held in this area, these classes are a great way to challenge yourself, guided by expert coaches. 
  1. Alongside the impressive gym facilities, there is an outdoor pool at Wellfit. This is great when I want to switch up my routine and do some laps or finish a workout with slightly less intense exercise. 
  1. During the cooler months, I like to take advantage of the outdoor workout area at Wellfit. There is a CrossFit rig and bars for callisthenics, so it’s nice being able to take these types of workouts outside whilst I can!
  1. Lastly, the amenities here make it very convenient. For example, if you drive, there is plenty of free parking at Wellfit Meydan. The gym also provides complimentary towels and there are water dispensers located around the gym. These little touches make it very hassle-free.  

Enjoy your work out guys!


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Nov 8, 2022