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Fitness experts, @AmyJeanFox and @Hendrik_Hoogen, know a thing or two when it comes to gyms and what factors help to make your workout as efficient and enjoyable as possible. As big fans of Warehouse Gym, they’ve shared below why the Warehouse Gym Jumeirah Park location is a brilliant spot to workout - regardless of your goal, interest or ability! 

Lighting, Mirrors, and Space

When we go to a gym, lighting is one of the most important factors we consider. Nothing beats a gym with excellent lighting, and trust us when we say, Warehouse Gym Jumeirah Park has the sunshine beaming through every angle. 

No matter what mood we’re in, the bright and airy space always makes us feel awake and energised - ready to workout! There are floor to ceiling windows, as well as tall, wide mirrors throughout the gym floor, these help you to see yourself from every angle and are a great way to ensure your form is correct. It’s all about the little things! 

In addition to the mirrors and windows which help to make the gym feel spacious, it is in fact huge! You won’t feel cramped or surrounded by people due to its size - the area in the centre of the gym is particularly great if you want to do your own work out or if you’re using free weights.

The vibe

Another crucial factor we take into account when choosing a gym is the vibe, and wow the vibe of Warehouse Jumeirah Park is unbeatable. There are beautiful big plants next to the mirrors, making you feel like you are transported to a tropical paradise. The music is super energetic and set to the perfect volume, it helps give you that extra energy boost you sometimes need, but at the same time is not overwhelming and won’t interrupt your own music or podcast if you’ve got headphones in. 


The equipment available at this gym is the definition of high quality - everything is pretty much brand new and of amazing quality, plus there are niche machines that not many gyms offer. For example Skillmills, Stair-Masters, SkiErgs and Assault Bikes - like what you would find in premium fitness studios!

You’ll never be waiting for a machine or weights, there are more than enough to go around, plus each machine has its own disinfecting wipes, to ensure that all equipment is sanitised and ready to be used.


It is hard to come by a gym that has all of the facilities you need under one roof, but this gym is an exception! The women’s and men’s changing rooms have their very own sauna and steam room, there is a cryotherapy room, as well as an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Alongside the incredible gym and fitness classes here - what else could you need!?

Privilee Members save 25% at Harvest & Co at Warehouse Jumeirah Park, where a selection of protein shakes and healthy food is available. It’s the perfect way to end your workout if you ask us…

Swimming Pool

The Olympic-size swimming pool is something that we can rave about. Hendrik and I recently got into swimming and this pool is perfect for doing laps, due to its enormous size and it’s often very quiet. 

It is an outdoor pool and even in the heat of summer, you will find us there, as it is cooled to the perfect temperature. We use the pool for cardio or active recovery, and always leave feeling so refreshed after doing a few laps when we’ve finished our training session. It’s such a fantastic addition to our workout routine, and we would highly recommend it.

The Jumeirah Park Team

As soon as you walk through the entrance, you are welcomed by the friendliest faces at Warehouse Gym Jumeirah Park. The staff knew our names after we had been training there for just a week! Nothing beats entering a gym and feeling welcomed by beautiful people, they have really nailed their customer service - bravo guys!

We hope you enjoyed our review! Make sure to give Warehouse Gym Jumeirah Park a go when you next work out, or try one of the other eight locations that are on Privilee!



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Aug 9, 2022