ritten by Privilee mum, Charlotte Van den Broucque
"A full 16 minutes after leaving the mainland you arrive at the Palm’s final destination — The Rixos. A trip here really gives you an appreciation of quite how big the Palm is. But don’t be put off by the drive, Rixos The Palm provides a plush destination with a resort feel and more than a full day’s entertainment"

Being on the tip of the Palm’s crescent has the advantage of more space than many of the other beachfront hotels. There are plenty of grassy areas to enjoy as well as the sea and sand. With the kids in tow we headed straight for the family area. A dedicated, enclosed area contains the kids' club, The Rixy, as well as a children's pool where families can hang out. The pool is well shaded and has the fun look of a carousel. As well as a shallow pool to splash around in there’s a climbing frame in the pool complete with slides and an elevated bucket of water that intermittently empties itself over delighted children and unwitting parents who’ve absent-mindedly entered the splash zone. There are convenient changing cabins dotted around the edge of the pool, saving parents having to find the nearest toilets to change themselves and the kids. Ours spent a happy couple of hours rampaging around the equipment with several friends they had made. With a good view of the proceedings and a lifeguard on hand I was happy to sit back and read my book whilst they were having fun.

The Rixy kids club is located within the same enclosed area and boasts a full-on program of events from 10am in the morning until closing time at 10pm, 7 days a week. Budding chefs can try their hand at pizza and sushi making, artistic types can craft to their heart’s delight. Quizzes, games and meditation are just a few of the available activities on this non-stop schedule. There’s an outside cinema in an amphitheater as well as incredible inside facilities where children can be happily entertained whilst parents grab a bit of adult time. This supervised kids' club is free for children aged 4–12 years old, 3s and under must be accompanied by an adult.

We went for a roam around outside of the kids area and found a nearby zero entry pool. From one end you can walk into the water like it’s the sea and the kids find it easy to stay within their depths. Friendly staff, one on roller skates, no less, delivered drinks from the bar as well as complimentary fruit skewers. Feeling a bit like a treat at this point we sidled up to the bar, and on being informed no ice creams were available here we went for the next best thing, milkshakes. Or so we thought. The barman opened up a container of Nesquik powder and blended in a slug of milk. We ordered three to share between the four of us, but nearly fell off our stalls when we realised that the price of these very un-luxurious milkshakes was AED45…each! That’s AED135 for a bit of Nesquik and milk. The only thing that made the price slightly more manageable was the Privilee 25% discount off F&B. Honestly, I’m still recovering from this one. Just be warned to check the menu before you order!

Milkshake-gate aside, we only just scratched the surface of what Rixos has to offer on our visit there. It’s the kind of destination that definitely deserves a full day to really explore everything on offer. The kid’s club is exceptional and we can’t wait to go back and make even more happy memories.


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Oct 14, 2019