I’m Yasmin, a Dubai expat and working Mum of three young boys. The juggle of being a working Mum is a lot, trying to fit everything (work, school, socials, the list goes on…), and still find time for me. 

I use my Privilee membership to help balance everything in SO many ways. When I first joined Privilee, I didn't realise how it was going to benefit me so much and that I’d be using it daily, but now I couldn’t live without it. 

I often get asked how I use my membership if I’m always working, but as a busy professional, it’s an ideal solution. Here is how I utilise my membership, both professionally and personally!

Remote working

Most Privilee resorts have workspace options, such as cafes and lounges with strong WiFi. These are great when I need to plug in and work through client pitches in a quiet environment as they are often quieter than your typical cafe in a mall. 

One of my favourite Privilee locations to work from is Palace Downtown. It has shaded poolside cabanas that are equipped with WiFi, power sockets, a sofa and a coffee table. Just perfect. This means I can set up poolside and work, without worrying about my laptop running out of battery or being disturbed as this pool is very peaceful during the week. I’m also more likely to take a break in this kind of environment, the pool is within easy reach so I can take a dip in between calls or even do a few laps. I find it super useful to take these kinds of physical and mental breaks whilst I’m working, and I’m more productive when I do! 

Meeting space

Finding somewhere quiet to meet with clients can often be a challenge, and expensive, especially when I’m meeting several per week! 

A few of my favourite meeting places include Peacock Alley at Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah and Waldorf Astoria DIFC, and for something a bit closer to home, The Green Room at the Els Country Club is always a good shout. If you’re looking for a location that will impress whoever you’re meeting, I recommend Mosaico at Palazzo Versace - the hotel is so luxurious and regal, it’s very unique, and your coffee is served with a logo of Palazzo Versace on the froth! It’s these little details that I love. 

All of the places I’ve mentioned above include a Privilee discount on food and drinks, up to 20%, so it makes a significant difference when you’re entertaining and paying for lunches, coffee, etc. 

Everything in one place

With the above in mind, I love that I can go to a resort and do everything there, eat, work, entertain clients, even pop into the resort’s gym, etc. It’s like having access to a super elevated flexible workspace, with lots of extra benefits. It’s also amazing to be able to switch things up from working at home, which can become a bit dull, day in and day out, and work from somewhere that isn’t going to cost me a fortune. 

Staying active

I’m not big on the gym, but I’m making an effort to be more active. Fitness First is now on Privilee, and Members can join up to three classes per week, which is perfect for me as I can go to a class after school drop-off and then have the rest of the morning to focus on work. I find classes much more motivating and like the fact I’m guided through what I’m doing, plus it pushes me to go to a class if I’ve already booked it! 

My husband loves the gym and uses his membership to go to whichever gym is closest to him and where he is working that day, during his break or before work if he can fit it in. Privilee doubles up as a gym membership when you use it like this. 

Kids’ activities

Privilee to the rescue again for easy after-school activities and early finish Friday entertainment. Pools, beaches, splash areas, playgrounds, and kids’ clubs! It’s also my absolute savour during school breaks, as I usually try to juggle work and spend time with the kids. I can set myself up on a sun lounger with my laptop, whilst the boys are entertained in one of the shallow kids’ pools or the kids’ club for a few hours - it helps to lessen the guilt of working whilst there off, as I know they’re having an amazing time. 

Balance is key

I’ve realised that I can really make Privilee work for me. Just because I work, it doesn’t mean that my membership can’t be used Monday to Friday, quite the opposite! If anything it enhances my working week with workspace options, kids' entertainment, gym facilities, dining discounts, and much more. It’s worth mentioning that we use our memberships almost every weekend for resort access too, so weekends are spent either exploring somewhere new or enjoying a day at one of our favourites. Privilee has without a doubt changed the way I work and manage my time during the week, and how we spend family time together. We absolutely love it. 


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May 19, 2023