@Diegocarretefitness shares five ways that Privilee helps him to stay consistent with training.

Over to Diego… 

As a fitness enthusiast I am aware of the importance of trying new locations not only for convenience but for motivation and also progression purposes. Below are the main reasons why my training regime is so much easier with Privilee. 

Different locations

Due to the variety of gyms located across the UAE, I am able to still fit workouts in no matter what my schedule for the week looks like. This is because there are so many gyms to choose from - close to where I live, my daughter goes to nursery and wherever I may be working, which changes daily!

Let’s say you are having lunch somewhere or you have a meeting on the other side of town, with Privilee you can find a “nearby” location and make sure you don’t skip your training session that day, as there will be several gym locations close by - I guarantee. 

Equipment to suit your goals

Different training facilities of course all have different equipment. This means you are able to focus on a range of training types, depending on your goals, and try new things. I find that this is an excellent way to change up your routine and mix it up if things are becoming a little boring or you need a challenge. 

I also sometimes select the gym I want to train at based on what I am planning to train that day. For example, when I want to focus on legs, I love going to Warehouse Gym in Jumeirah Park as they have lots of squat racks and heavy weights available. If I want to focus on functional training, I head to MProve Fitness in Abu Dhabi, as I  travel there on a weekly basis for meetings anyway.


Post workout treats!

I believe we should reward ourselves after a good workout, and with Privilee it is very easy to!

Privilee gives you access to plenty of training facilities which have restaurants, snack bars and healthy snack shops either located at them or very close by. 

A favourite of mine is Harvest & Co Cafe at Warehouse Gym Jumeirah Park. The menu is delicious, nutritious and I save 25% with my Privilee Membership.

Group training options

If you don’t fancy training by yourself, you can join a huge range of classes with Privilee (for free!). 

Classes are perfect for those who prefer training in a group, if you need an extra boost of motivation or if you are new to exercise and want some guidance. Plus, with the variety of classes available on Privilee, you can complement your training schedule with other types of training such as HIIT, Spin, Boxing, Yoga, Dance, CrossFit and many other types of classes. View the classes here.

Meet new people!

Joining a group fitness class is an amazing way to meet new people who share the same interests. Fitness and healthy living is all about empowerment and growing, which becomes so much easier when you are part of a community. 

Personally, I have met dozens of new people and made friends through the gym and other fitness activities - it really is a great way to socialise, not just keep fit!



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Mar 3, 2022