ust Two Mums, Rebecca and Megan are back sharing another great tip whilst we #StayAtHome

Hi guys,

We are entering our 5th week of lockdown and the kids are literally climbing the walls. This has been made even harder now that we’re not going out for bike rides or scoots at the moment. 

Being at home together all the time can be challenging, but we’ve found that adding in exercise where we can actually helps everyone feel a little less stir crazy. 

Here’s our guide to getting moving together: 

  1. Start your morning sweating

We start every morning with a family work out, Bootcamp for everyone! It’s harder and more focused for mum and dad while the kids do what they can. The idea is to have everyone moving, sweating and getting some fresh air in the garden.  When the kids just need to let off a little steam the trampoline is a great option too (if you have a small space there are even some apartment-sized ones available), just remember that a family that trains together stays sane together!

  1. Add an online session in the afternoons 

In the afternoons we try to get another structured session in. YouTube is a firm favourite and we love Just Dance, Cosmic Kids Yoga and Joe Wicks. There are some amazing local providers who are doing online sessions for kids and families including @phoenix.rising @musicmonkeysuae @fitmumdubai @funkeynastix have a peek at their Instagram pages for timings and class details. 

  1. Build obstacle courses on the weekends 

On weekends we try to make it fun and a little more interactive. Create an obstacle course in the garden or do a scavenger hunt with clues hidden as far apart as possible. Let the kids challenge each other with jumping jacks, planks or races anything that will be physical and fun but won’t cause tears. 

  1. Appreciate this time! 

We have a unique opportunity at the moment where pause has been pressed for us. And although it certainly has its challenges this time is precious so we might as well tap into our creativity and make it as fun as possible. As a family and as a country we’re all in this together. 

Stay safe,  

Rebecca & Megan
Just Two Mums | @justtwomums

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Apr 7, 2020