Just like planning your Privilee visit in advance, checking out of a Privilee venue when you leave is important! 

Let us explain why… 

Help fellow Privilee Members

We want to make your Privilee experience as seamless as possible, to ensure you get the most out of your membership and can spend your free time at your favourite spots. 

When you check out of a Privilee venue, this means your space can be taken by another Member. If a venue is full, we rely on Members checking out so that the space can become free and another Member can take the spot - after all, no one wants to miss out on a Privilee day! 

Capacity restrictions

Some venues across the UAE (and world!) are still following capacity guidelines set by the government, this means there may be less capacity than usual. Checking in and out of a facility allows venues to keep track of their capacity, and keep everyone safe.  

What happens if I don't check out?

Once you’re at the venue, you will receive two check out reminders a couple hours into your Privilee day. If you do not check out, you won’t be automatically checked out until midnight that evening, meaning another Privilee Member would have missed their chance to visit that venue. Our team will then likely get in touch to understand why you didn’t check out and if you experienced any issues with your Privilee app.

How to check out:

When you have finished Privilee’ing and are leaving the venue, open your Privilee app and a screen will appear. At the bottom of the screen a large red button will say ‘Check out’ - tap this and you will be checked out! It’s as easy as that. 


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Feb 1, 2022