ive us 30, and get 30 in return!

The 30x30 Dubai Fitness Challenge will be running this year from 30th October to 28th November, and we are joining in!

Privilee, the ultimate lifestyle and fitness membership, embodies a healthy and active lifestyle. To encourage our Members to get active, we want you to get involved in our very own Privilee 30x30 Challenge! 

30 Privilee Members that check into 30 Privilee venues for the duration of the Dubai 30x30 Fitness Challenge, will be rewarded with a 30 day extension added to their membership! 

Learn more below- the challenge is ON!

What is the Privilee 30x30 challenge?

A 30 day motivation challenge, for Privilee members to get active and use their membership as much as possible for 30 days. 

Who can join in?

Any Privilee Member can join in the Privilee 30x30 challenge, regardless of which Emirate you live in.

What is my incentive to join the challenge?

30 Members that check in to a Privilee venue everyday from 30th October- 28th November will stand the chance to WIN a 30 day extension added to their Privilee membership!

Am I guaranteed an extra month if I participate in the challenge?

There is no guarantee, as we are capping the winners at 30 Members, but you can only win if you try!

What happens if I miss a day?

There may be some days that you cannot make it to a venue, and we get it! As long as you make it up by checking in twice another day, you can still qualify to win the #30x30Privilee Challenge. Just remember, you have to check in to a Privilee venue at least 30 times within the 30 days.

How will you chose the winners?

We will chose 30 Members at random, who have participated in the challenge.

Does it have to be a gym?

No! You can check in to ANY Privilee venue and it will count towards your 30 day Privilee streak. Just make sure to check in, whether it be a beach club, pool, fitness class or studio. 

Do F&B or Spa redemptions count?

If you use your Privilee discount on food and beverages or for a Spa visit, this does not count towards the Privilee 30x30 Challenge. 

How about tennis and squash?

Yes! However, please remember to check-in when you visit a Privilee tennis or squash court, for it to count towards the challenge.

When is the extension added to my membership? 

If you have paid for your Privilee membership upfront, the free 30 days extension will be added to the end of your membership, so you will have an extra month’s access to Privilee when your current membership expires. For Members who pay monthly, your next month’s on us! WINNING!

How will the challenge be tracked?

Every time you check in to a Privilee venue via scanning the venue's tablet, it is recorded, so don’t worry- your Privilee visits won’t go unnoticed! 

The key here is to make sure you check in when you Privilee.

What if the venue does not require check in?

Unfortunately this Privilee visit cannot count towards the Privilee 30x30 challenge. 

What if there is no one available to check me in to a venue?

Please ask for help from a member of staff to check in. If no one is available, please call us on 04 554 7820.

What if I can’t book a spot at a venue I want to visit?

As Members check out or cancel, spaces are released for other Members to book so please check throughout the day.

Privilee members can access over 60 beaches and pools and 70 fitness studios and gym's- plenty of options to try something else! 

Do I still need to check-out?

Please remember to check-out when you leave the venue, this means other Privilee members can take your spot when you’re finished!  

If you have any questions about the Privilee 30x30 Challenge, please reach out to us; info@privilee.ae.

I’m a Privilee Member and workout at home, does that count? 

To take part in the challenge, you need to have checked in to a Privilee venue, therefore home workouts cannot count towards the challenge.

Time to start the challenge! Need more inspo? No problem!

Try 30 fitness classes in 30 days

Get active outside at these Privilee tennis courts or try paddleboarding!

KICK-start the challenge at 9Round- find out more here.

Happy Privilee’ing! 


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Oct 26, 2020