rivilee member and PT @thenotoriousviking_ shares an at-home workout worthy of a superhero

Yes, I’m a Batman fan. I even have a full-size replica of him in my living room (I know you are jealous). And whilst lockdown might be making us all slightly crazy, it’s also made me rather creative with my workouts! So for a bit of fun, I've developed a workout with my new housemate to hopefully inspire us all to train and get to superhero status!

Why train like them?

Look at Batman - we know he’s a force to be reckoned with and he’s got the mass, endurance and muscle to kick some 'villain butt'. After all, how else did you think he could out-run all those bad guys? We also know from the movies that he performs pretty serious whole body, cross-modal style training, including things like body weight, running, HIIT and traditional weight training too. So what kind of training would you have to go through to accomplish something approaching the level of Batman? Give this a try...

My hero-worthy inspired at-home workout:

The warm-up

3 rounds of 50 repetitions:

  1. Jab straight with 2 x water bottles
  2. Alternating High knees – water bottle held straight out

The Workout (with or without Batman!)
6 rounds of:

  1. 20 Air squats
  2. 20 Static lunges (each leg)
  3. 20 Leg raises (hold your partner or superheroes ankles)
  4. 20 Toe touches
  5. 20 Russian twist (both hands touch the floor)
  6. 1 minute straight hand plank (use a weight on your back for an advance version)

Time how long it takes you to complete the workout and see if you can beat it each week!

Don’t forget nutrition! Remember, every hero needs to still have a good diet too. We can train and eat like them, but I don’t think any of us are getting their powers any time soon. 


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Apr 21, 2020