Discover what these fitness hotspots have to offer.

Are you ready to elevate your fitness game and explore exciting workout spaces in Al Quoz? Embark on a fitness journey like no other!

Train at the best of the best gyms and fitness studios in Al Quoz, where you get complimentary and unlimited access with Privilee.


If you are craving a high-energy workout environment with loud music and an upbeat atmosphere, GIGAFIT is the place to be. This gym is all about pushing your boundaries and achieving your fitness goals while enjoying every moment of it. The top-of-the-line equipment provides everything you need regardless of what you’re focusing on.

Who Would Love It: GIGAFIT is a haven for those who thrive on high-intensity workouts, whether it's lifting heavy weights or engaging in heart-pounding cardio sessions. If you love the vibe of a bustling gym, GIGAFIT is tailor-made for you.

As a Privilee Member, you receive complimentary access to GIGAFIT's gym and changing facilities, along with two complimentary fitness classes per week when GIGAFIT's class schedule launches. 

Open Mon-Fri 6am-11pm, Sat-Sun 8am-8pm, Al Quoz 

24 Fitness

At 24 Fitness, you will discover the ultimate training facility designed to cater to everyone, from casual gym-goers to elite athletes. Their ethos revolves around making the space your own – it's your home, your gym, and your way to fitness success.

Who Would Love It: Those interested in personalised training experiences led by experienced personal trainers and who appreciate unique, focused fitness classes not commonly found in typical gyms.

As a Privilee Member, you receive complimentary access to the Functional Training Area, Studio Training Space and changing facilities, along with two complimentary fitness classes per week 

Open Mon-Fri 5am-11pm, Sat 7am-9pm, Sun 7am-11pm, Al Quoz 

Max Burn Gym

Max Burn is where fitness meets fun. The gym is equipped with best-in-class Matrix fitness equipment, providing a premium workout experience. They feature a dedicated cycling studio with Matrix spinning bicycles and a full-size boxing ring for high-intensity boxing sessions. 

Who Would Love It: Max Burn Gym is a versatile fitness facility that appeals to a wide range of individuals, making it an inclusive and inspiring choice for those looking to pursue their fitness goals in Al Quoz.

As a Privilee Member, you receive complimentary access to the Gym and Changing Facilities, along with 20% off personal training packages.

Open Sun-Fri 6am-11pm, Sat 8am-8pm, Al Quoz

Warehouse Gym Al Quoz

Step into the original Warehouse Gym in Al Quoz! This expansive industrial-chic gym offers a diverse range of training options to suit everyone's preferences from cardio, boxing, CrossFit, bodybuilding, or any other fitness pursuit, you will find your ideal workout space here, including a dedicated ladies-only gym.

Who Would Love It: Whether you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast looking to take your workouts to the next level or someone just starting on your wellness journey, discover a gym tailored just for you!

As a Privilee Member, you receive one complimentary fitness class per week, per location.

Open Mon-Sun 5.30am-12am, Al Quoz

Circuit Factory Al Quoz

Circuit Factory Al Quoz is all about dynamic workouts that challenge your body in unique ways. If you are craving a new routine, spice things up here. They are known for their innovative workouts and fun approach to circuit training that keeps every class fresh and engaging. 

Who Would Love It: Those seeking variety and excitement in their workouts will thrive at Circuit Factory Al Quoz. The circuit-style workouts cater to all levels and will test your limits.

As a Privilee Member, you will receive complimentary access to three fitness classes, per week, across all The Circuit Factory locations.

Open Mon-Thu 5.30am-8pm, Fri 5.30am-5pm, Sat 8.15am-12pm, Sun 8.15am-6.45pm, Al Quoz.

Now that you have the inside scoop on these fantastic fitness venues in Al Quoz, it's time to lace up those sneakers and explore them all. Your Privilee Membership is your key to unlocking these incredible spaces and your potential, make the most of it! Whether you are into heavy weights, group classes, or just looking for a new fitness community, Al Quoz has it all. Get ready to sweat, smile, and make the most of your wellness journey with Privilee.

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Sep 25, 2023