hree workouts to keep you motivated for the #30x30Privilee Challenge!

It’s that time of the year again! Dubai’s Fitness challenge is in full swing and just like every year, many people embark on a 30 day fitness journey. While the spirits are high in the first week, we usually see a dip in people’s motivation after 10-14 days. If this sounds like you - rest assured that you’re not alone!

The best way to overcome that motivation plateau, is to spice things up and try something new! Who said that your 30x30 workouts have to be drills in the gym?

Here are our three favourite Privilee fitness activities to count towards the 30x30 challenge:

1. Tennis

Grab your favourite workout buddy take your workout courtside. Many Privilee venues offer free court and equipment rentals, e.g. Sofitel The Palm Dubai, Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah and Melia Desert Palm.

2. Boxing

Smash your workout in a boxing class! Sometimes the easiest way to overcome a motivation low is to get into fight mode and let it out a punchbag. Search for the nearest studio in your app and join a free boxing class at e.g. 9Round or Fly High Fitness.

3. Take your workout outdoors

Sometime a change of scenery is all that is needed to bring the spark back. The jungle gym at Rixos The Palm Dubai is the perfect place for a workout on the beach. The wooden weights give you that Tarzan feel and make the workout a whole lot more fun.

Keep your spirits high, and know that you’re not alone to push through that motivation low! We promise you will feel great after the 30 days and you’ll feel proud that you didn’t give up!

Good luck!

Lena & Chris

Sep 11, 2020