In an era where workplace dynamics are constantly evolving, and the pursuit of employee satisfaction and retention has become a paramount goal for organisations, the role of company benefits has taken on a new level of significance. Gone are the days when a salary and annual leave were enough to keep employees content. Today, employees are seeking more holistic support from their employers, recognising that a healthy and happy workforce is not only more productive but also more loyal.

Health and wellness expert, Rob, has outlined a few key factors to explain why fitness plays a crucial part in employee benefits. 

The UAE’s bustling business scene is undeniable, but the daily grind can take its toll on employees. Alarming statistics paint a concerning picture; 86% of the UAE’s workforce experiences job-related stress, nearly half the population is clinically overweight, and only 19% exercise enough to maintain their health*. 

So, can a well-designed company wellness program make a real difference? Absolutely, and here's why!

Boosting Productivity

Healthy employees are productive employees. By offering benefits beyond financial incentives, you show your commitment to their well-being. Privilee's Corporate Wellness Programme offers a wealth of tools to enhance employee wellness, including gym access, fitness classes, wellness activities, company events, and access to the UAE’s top leisure venues. 

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Happiness and loyalty

Happy employees are loyal employees. High turnover rates plague many companies, often due to a lack of loyalty. Implementing a robust health and wellness culture sends a powerful message; "We care about you." Wellness programs extend beyond physical health, they also focus on boosting mental well-being and work-life balance. Privilee's Corporate Wellness Programme, for example, allows employees to live a balanced lifestyle. From lunchtime workouts at Warehouse Gym in the Design District to relaxing rest days at a five-star resort on Palm Jumeirah. This commitment can significantly impact employee retention, resulting in substantial savings in terms of both time and finance – fewer visa hassles, reduced training costs, and diminished recruitment efforts.

Enhanced health

Lost productivity due to sick leave burdens both the company and other employees. Healthier and happier employees tend to be healthier and ill less frequently. Additionally, creating a positive workplace that prioritises well-being can reduce presenteeism – employees being physically present but mentally absent. Fostering a vibrant and supportive environment directly correlates with better health (mentally and physically!) and increased on-the-job productivity.

Trust building

Wellness programmes can bridge the gaps among a diverse workforce. Participating in group activities, such as weekly fitness classes at one of Privilee’s incredible fitness studios, fosters camaraderie and strengthens bonds among employees. Privilee is well-equipped to offer something that suits your employees' unique needs. Whether that’s relaxing yoga flows, energetic HIIT sessions, or tough CrossFit workouts. 

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In a place as vibrant as the UAE, where the business landscape is ever-evolving, company wellness programmes are not just a perk – they are a necessity. They enhance productivity, inspire loyalty, improve health, and promote a sense of unity among employees. By prioritising employee wellness, businesses in the UAE can thrive in an environment that demands the best from both employers and employees.

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*Statistics taken from 2021 Cigna 360 Wellbeing Survey, Global Burden of Disease Study 2023, and Dubai Health Authority DHA.


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Nov 3, 2023