V presenter Laura Buckwell enjoys an all-inclusive daycation at Rixos Premium Saadiyat Island

The beach on Saadiyat Island for starters is a natural beauty, a little wild and when the tide is out, huge! Being all-inclusive, there’s no need to ever settle the bill as you pay for your package when you first arrive. You can pretty much eat and drink anything you like at the selected restaurants and bars, and then just leave when you’re done. Being a Turkish hotel, many of the staff are Turkish too and are lovely and welcoming. 

Spread across a huge palatial property with stunning modern Arabic design as you first enter, this newest Privilee partner is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to UAE beach resorts.

The arrival

When we first arrived, we were met with stunning palatial modern Arab architecture in the main lobby and we checked in for our all-inclusive package. Unlike any of the other Privilee properties, the Rixos Premium on Saadiyat Island is, as mentioned, all-inclusive and unlimited F&B is available across selected restaurants and bars.

The food

As usual, we arrived hungry and headed straight for the beachside restaurant near the pool, overlooking the gorgeous Saadiyat beach. We were expecting an average light lunch but the plates were big and to a very high quality. I highly recommend the chicken schnitzel and mozzarella. After lunch, we then hit the main pool for a quick dip before our 6 year old started hinting at the kids’ club.

The kids’ club

After a walk across the property to find the kids’ club, we arrived at a huge aqua play area, fully equipped with mini water slides, rides and water guns. The kids were in heaven and the water depth was perfect for my 20-month-old. We were there for a while before the kids spotted a huge wave pool on the other side of the chairs. Immediately they wanted to try it out.

The wave pool 

The wave pool is a complete novelty and is set in a cove, with a small sandy beach area slanting into the water. Huge water jets are shot from the back and arched into the wave pool as the water moves back and forth like the ocean. So much fun!

After they tried out their first-ever wave pool, we headed up to the Rixy Kids' Club which at the time was running a ‘Kids Fest’ with five massive bouncy castles. In the same area, there was also an outdoor bar where they served popcorn, ice cream, donuts and lattes, all of which of course was included in our all-inclusive package. We also had a look inside the main indoor kids’ club, which was huge and with the nicest, most helpful staff. 

The beach strolls

For sunset, we decided to head down to the beach for a stroll and searched for hermit crabs. At the end of the walkway (which we learned is there to preserve the beach dunes) we were greeted by staff who helped us with towels and drinks. As the tide was out the beach looked huge and beautifully calm. A true natural beauty. 

It was an amazing day, we couldn’t have asked for more. We cannot WAIT to go back to this great new Privilee partner. Day trips are the best!


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Mar 3, 2020