Improve your health and enhance your training regime.

Stretching may not be the most exciting activity when it comes to exercise, however, it’s a vital part of any training regime and to reaching your fitness goals. 

Find out below why you shouldn’t skip your post-workout cooldown and how a stretching class would benefit you. 

Reduce the risk of injury 

When our muscles are tight, it’s harder for us to perform exercises correctly as it causes decreased mobility ranges, overcompensation of other muscle groups and poor posture. After an intense workout or week of workouts, your muscles will begin to develop these types of imbalances which then increases the risk of injuries such as pulled muscles and joint pain.

Improve flexibility

Stretching can help improve your body’s flexibility and mobility. Flexibility is the ability of your muscles, tendons and ligaments to lengthen, whilst mobility is the ability to move your body freely. Better flexibility and mobility can help to improve your performance in physical activities, reduce potential aches and pains, decrease your risk of injuries, and enable your muscles to work most effectively.

Fight stress

Tight muscles cause soreness and knots, which play a major part in our stress levels. Well-stretched muscles hold less tension and, therefore, can help you feel less stressed. Many stretching classes also involve gentle yoga flows, meditation and breathing exercises, which are excellent ways to manage stress and anxiety.  

Ready to try a stretch class? Your Privilee Membership is the perfect way to find the right class for you, with access to a huge variety of fitness classes, including yoga, stretching and meditation. 

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Dec 5, 2022