Feel fitter and stronger than ever.

If you’re looking to improve your strength or simply want to try a new workout, here are six strength workouts to try with your Privilee membership. 

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Abu Dhabi 

High-Intensity Body Building - Warehouse Gym, Yas Bay

This unique class is excellent for those looking to get stronger and focus on metabolic training, as it includes elements of bodybuilding to build strength and muscles, alongside high-intensity cardio intervals to increase your heart rate and burn calories. 


CrossFit - MProve Fitness

Renowned for being one of the best CrossFit gyms in Abu Dhabi, the CrossFit classes at MProve Fitness are second to none! The 60-minute class will include exercises to work your whole body such as kettlebell swings, box jumps, burpees, wall balls and power cleans, plus conditioning movements to help improve your overall fitness performance. 


Les Mills Body Pump - Volt Fitness

Body Pump is a full-body barbell workout that is ideal for anyone looking to get lean, fit and strong. The scientifically backed programme incorporates weights with high repetitions to develop lean, athletic muscle, and improve your core strength and bone health. 



CrossFit - StudioRepublik

The new functional training area at StudioRepublik is not to be missed, featuring Olympic weightlifting facilities, CrossFit equipment and an array of resistance machines such as SkiErgs - all of which are incorporated into the CrossFit classes here. StudioRepublik is officially a CrossFit affiliate, so get ready for WODs (workouts of the day!) that will push you to your limits, coached by industry professionals. 


Circuits - Warehouse Gym Jumeirah Park

This 45-minute class combines HIIT and strength training to increase your heart rate, build resistance and increase strength. Expect exercises such as squat thrusts, rowing, kettlebell swings and more, to give you a full-body strength workout. 


Tru Boxing Conditioning - TruFusion Dubai

Tru Boxing Conditioning will test your strength, agility and willpower as you alternate between boxing drills and strength training to learn how to box like a champ. 


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Dec 30, 2020