If you’re looking to improve your strength or simply want to try a new workout, here are six of the Privilee teams favourites. 

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XPLOD Lower Body- OOMO Fitness Studio

Sculpt your legs, bum and abs in this no nonsense HIIT style class at this chic studio in Jumeirah. 

Lift & Burn- Optimal Fitness

Build lean muscle as you squat, press and lift weights (of your choice!) in this 60 minute class. Prepare to use muscles you didn't know existed!

KettleBell HIIT- Snap Fitness Motor City

This 30 minute class combines high intensity interval training and weights to give you a fast and efficient workout. It’s over before you know it! 

CrossFit- Fly High Fitness

Improve your strength, skill, speed, mobility and endurance in this intense style of training. We love the friendly, community vibe too!

BoxFit- StudioRepublik 

Mix cardio and strength training in this 45 minute class as you punch, kick and skip your way to better fitness. 


Use bodyweight to increase strength, balance, flexibility and even your core stability. Don’t forget to visit Frappy for a post workout shake! 


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Dec 30, 2020
Get Fit