Find out what each workout and discipline involves.

Reset Fitness is a brand new Functional Training Studio, located at Jumeirah Islands Pavilion. 

The premium studio offers challenging, motivating and fun-filled circuit-style classes that are designed to test your limits and get you results, guided by expert trainers. 

There are four different ‘disciplines’ (styles of workouts) at Reset Fitness, we have broken down each one below to give you an idea of what to expect when you work out here. 

Ready? Let’s go! 


Days that the Cardio class is available: Monday and Friday.

The Cardio classes at Reset Fitness are 45-50 minutes long, incorporating your own body weight as resistance, however, weights are used for some exercises, such as ball slams. 

As this class focuses on cardio, they are generally very fast-paced - to get your heart rate up and improve your cardio capacity!

You can expect lots of explosive plyometric movements in the Cardio class, such as high-knee running, box jumps, ball slams and lunges. These types of exercises are brilliant for working your whole body and pushing you into the fat-burning zone - expect to see results, quickly!

All of the classes at Reset Fitness are circuit-style, including Cardio. This means that you will work your way through (up to) 12 different exercise stations, for a set period of time. All of this will be explained by the trainer before the class starts, and each station has its own TV screen to demonstrate the exercise movement. 



Days that the Strength class is available: Tuesday and Saturday.

Isolate multiple muscle groups and build strength endurance in Reset Fitnesses Strength classes, which focus on controlled movements and heavier weight lifting.

The classes are 50 minutes long, where you will work through a selection of circuits that are designed to engage muscle fibres from the same muscle group, to gradually build your resistance. The circuits include kettlebells, TRX, dumbbells, barbells and resistance machines for exercises such as clean-to-press, deadlifts, reverse lunges, V sit-ups, chest flies, squats and more. 

One of the amazing things about the workouts at Reset Fitness is that there are two intensity levels available, Functional and Athletic. You can choose which intensity level you would like to follow for each exercise on every circuit, depending on your fitness levels or if you have an injury, etc. For example, in the Strength classes, you could choose lighter or heavier weights to work with. 



Days that the Combat class is available: Wednesday.

A combination of mixed martial arts and boxing movements will improve your coordination, endurance and stamina in Combat classes at Reset Fitness. Push, pull, jump and lift your way through this high-intensity work out which includes body weight, mobility and weighted movements for a full-body workout. 

The classes are 45-50 minutes long, combining high-intensity circuits such as weighted lunges to kicks, sandbag squats, Bosu ball jumps and cable twists with active rests between each circuit to help lengthen and condition the muscles that you are working. 

This is definitely a calorie-torching class, with plenty of fast movements and a focus on form and progression.



Days that the Shape class is available: Thursday and Sunday.

Shape combines Reset Fitnesses Strength, Cardio and Combat disciplines into one workout. Be prepared to work - with a mixture of strength and cardio exercises to target multiple muscle groups and burn calories. 

Each side of your body will be worked in the 45-50 minute class, with circuits that repeat moves to enhance your coordination, strengthen your core and improve your muscle imbalance.

Reset Fitness opening hours:

  • Monday and Wednesday: 7.30am - 8.30pm
  • Tuesday and Thursday: 6am - 8.30pm
  • Friday: 7.30am - 7pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 8.30am - 11.30am

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Nov 13, 2022