nd get an EXTRA month added to your membership!

Everybody loves Privilee, and we think it’s even better when you have a Privilee ‘partner’ - a workout buddy to hit the gym with, a friend for Privilee daycays together, and someone to split the bill with when using your Privilee discounts at restaurants! 

That’s why we’ve introduced our Refer a Friend to Privilee programme, find out below what this involves... 

What is “Refer a Friend”?

As a Privilee Member, you can refer your friends to Privilee. If your friend(s) sign up to an annual membership, you’ll benefit by getting an extra month of Privilee added to your membership!

How do I do it?

Invite your friends via your Privilee app. 

Head to the “Me” section and then to “Refer a friend”. From there it is a straightforward process, simply add your friends full name, email address, phone number, and their country of residency - the UAE or Qatar.

Can I refer a friend to Privilee that lives in Qatar to join Privilee, if I live in the UAE? 

Yes! Privilee Members with a UAE membership can refer a friend that lives in Qatar, and Privilee Members with a Qatar membership can refer a friend that lives in the UAE to join Privilee.

How many friends can I invite?

There is no limit, feel free to refer as many friends to Privilee as you like. Get ready to live your best life together!

When do I get the extra month? 

You will receive the extra month if your friend signs up to an annual membership. 

If you’ve paid for an annual Privilee membership upfront, your expiry date will be extended by one month. Those who pay monthly will not be billed next month, it’s on us!

What happens if I refer more than one friend to an annual membership?

You will receive an extra month for every friend that joins. For example, you could get an entire years membership if twelve of your friends signed up.

Can I transfer the extra month to someone else?

The additional month is only for the referee and cannot be transferred. 

Now, time to refer your friends to Privilee and plan your first Privilee together! Enjoy and don’t forget to tag us @Privilee_UAE


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Jan 24, 2021