eun from Privilee’s Finance Team shares his Privilee’ing tips!

At Privilee, we love to practice what we preach - which is living a healthy, well balanced lifestyle! This means making the most of our incredible memberships to take time out, keep fit and do the things we love.

For the month of Dubai 30x30, we will be hearing from the Privilee Team on how they use Privilee to maintain a balanced lifestyle. 

Hi everyone! I’m Seun - I joined Privilee earlier this year as part of the Finance Team, so as you can imagine most of my day is spent behind a computer crunching numbers. This is why my Privilee Membership comes in so handy -  I can get my workout in before my day at work begins.  

Over to Seun...

Which Privilee gym would you recommend to those who like to work out before work, and why?

The great thing about the Privilee app is the flexibility and range of options to choose from across the city - there is an option for everyone. My choice of gym for pre-work gains is based on location and the quality of the facilities; the gyms I would recommend are StudioRepublik and Fly High.

Both gyms boast spacious well-equipped facilities, and ample parking spaces and the changing rooms are always clean with enough space to comfortably get ready for work. 

Location is relative but it works quite well for me and my gym buddy, who is lucky enough to have Privilee as part of his company benefit. 

2. What is your workout routine and how do you stay fit using Privilee?

My routine is set workouts on specific days and occasionally I add a bonus gym class - it’s nice being able to switch things up with the free classes. I also like to increase my weights week on week to aid my progress. 

  • Sunday - I start my week with upper body and core. This mainly consists of pull ups, bench work, ab roller, crunches, and planks. I begin with 1 warm up set, followed by 3 sets of 10 reps of each exercise.
  • Tuesday – I put in the cardio with some boxing rounds (evening classes at Final Round).
  • Thursday - Leg Day! My routine involves the usual suspects; squats, deadlifts, and lunges. Again, I begin with 1 warm up set, followed by 3 sets of 10 reps of each exercise.

3. Are there any other ways you stay active with Privilee outside the gyms?

Outside of the gym, my other leisure activity is using the pools at some of the Privilee hotel venues, especially the venues with shaded kiddies’ pools. My 13-month-old daughter is an early riser like me, so I take the chance to use the weekend mornings to get a pool session in with her - Dubai Polo Club has a nice kids’ pool with a fair number of sunbeds. You can get swimming lessons for little ones as well and it’s great to be part of the class.

We like to have breakfast by the pool here as the menu has lots of choices and what makes it even better is I save 20% with Privilee.

Keep an eye out as we share more insider tips from the Privilee Team!


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Nov 17, 2021