ucy from Privilee’s Marketing Team shares her Privilee’ing tips

At Privilee, we love to practice what we preach - which is living a healthy, well balanced lifestyle! This means making the most of our incredible memberships to take time out, keep fit and do the things we love.

For the month of Dubai 30x30, we will be hearing from the Privilee Team on how they use Privilee to maintain a balanced lifestyle. 

Hi! I’m Lucy and joined Privilee’s marketing team just over a year ago. I love to keep fit and maintain a tan all year round so my Privilee membership works perfectly with my lifestyle - here are a few tips on how I make the most of it. Happy Privilee’ing!

How do you use your membership? 

I use my membership for two things mainly - playing tennis and visiting pools/beaches. Recently though, I've also started to visit one of the gyms in a hotel that is close by to where I live.  

Do you have a favourite Privilee venue? 

I have two favourites, I like to play tennis and use the gym at Habtoor Grand Resort as it’s usually quiet and the team there are so friendly. 

When I want to relax and tan, I love going to Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah. The hotel is stunning, not too busy and the adult pool is the best if you’re looking for a quiet afternoon in the sunshine. Plus, I love being able to order food and drinks through my phone! 

What is your number one Privilee tip?

Use the membership to pick up a new hobby. I’ve been using my membership to get back into tennis, which I am loving. If you don’t have a friend or partner on Privilee to play with, there are FB community groups so you can find like-minded people to play with. It doesn’t have to be tennis - there are squash courts and discounts on golf, water sports and more - pick what suits you!

Keep an eye out as we share more insider tips from the Privilee Team!


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Oct 28, 2021