mel from Privilee’s Sales Team shares fitness venues that help her work towards her goals

At Privilee, we love to practice what we preach - which is living a healthy, well balanced lifestyle! This means making the most of our incredible memberships to take time out, keep fit and do the things we love.

For the month of Dubai 30x30, we will be hearing from the Privilee Team on how they use Privilee to maintain a balanced lifestyle. 

Hi! I’m Amel from Privilee’s Sales Team. I’m currently using my membership to work towards my fitness goals - so far, having such a huge variety of options available to me has helped me stay on track and not get bored - so much so that I've spent the month of November participating in the Dubai 30x30 challenge, checking into a Privilee gym everyday! I'm committed to completing the whole month, and I'm almost there! Here are four of my favourite Privilee workout spots and why:


Why I love it here:

  • Not only is the equipment super high-tech, but what I love the most is how clean and well looked after it is.
  • FitRepublik is located right by where I live which makes it super convenient for my weekend work outs.

Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah

Why I love it here:

  • I LOVE that I can workout in the hotel gym before heading to the beach or adult pool for a relaxing day in the sun. 
  • It’s super quiet! I usually come here on my days off during the week when there are less people around and I can really switch off. 
  • The poolside food is amazing (and healthy) so I always treat myself to a tasty lunch, plus Privilee Members get 20% off. 


Why I love it here:

  • The studio is super fashionable and quirky - it's very Instagrammable. 
  • There are lots of classes available that you don’t often see, such as ‘AfroFit Dance’! The instructor for this class, Dione, is amazing. 
  • It’s nice having the option to take part in ladies only classes - there are lots available throughout the day.

Keep an eye out as we share more insider tips from the Privilee Team!


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Oct 27, 2021