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Take a look at the most frequently asked questions and discover essential information about Privilee Padel! Whether you're a passionate padel player or someone looking to explore this exciting sport, Privilee has got you covered. 

From understanding the eligibility criteria for complimentary access to discovering the venues, benefits and perks, dive in and explore Privilee Padel. 

What are the benefits of Privilee Padel?

Privilee Padel offers Members the benefit of enjoying two complimentary 60-minute padel games every month at selected venues across Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah. Members can play a maximum of two complimentary games each month across the selected venues listed below, with any extra games incurring additional charges.

Can I play for longer than 60 minutes? 

Yes, Privilee Members have the option to extend their padel game for an additional fee, paid directly to the venue.

Do I need to check in at the padel court using my Privilee app? 

Yes, Privilee Members are required to check in at the venue before playing. 

When can I play? 

Privilee Members have access to selected padel courts seven days a week. 

How many players are required on the court? 

Four players are required per court to play, and one player must be a Privilee Member.

How do I book? 

Call or WhatsApp the venue directly to check availability and book a court. It is advised to book your court at least three days in advance, please check your app to find the contact details for each venue. 

How far in advance can I book?

Privilee Members can book up to ten days before the date they would like to play padel. 

Can I book more than one game in advance?

Yes, you can book more than one game in advance, if you plan to play both padel games within ten days of the booking date.

Do I need to be an annual Privilee Member to access Privilee Padel?

Privilee Members on all memberships can access Privilee Padel. 

Can Privilee Guest Pass users access Privilee Padel? 

Privilee Padel is available to Privilee Members only. 

Can Privilee Guest Pass users avail preferential rates to access padel courts, when with a Privilee Member?

Yes, preferential rates can be availed by non-Privilee members, including Guest Pass users. Preferential rates cannot be availed if a Privilee Member isn't present.

Which padel courts can I access? 

Privilee Members can play complimentary padel at the following courts: 

Abu Dhabi:

  • 321 Sports, Abu Dhabi
  • Padelae Abu Dhabi


  • Ahdaaf Padel Club, Me'aisem, Dubai Production City
  • Padelae Al Quoz, Dubai
  • Padelae Al Quoz Ladies, Dubai


  • Ahdaaf Padel Club, City Centre Al Zahia, Sharjah 
  • Padelae Sharjah

What happens if I can no longer make my padel court booking? 

Please cancel your padel court booking 24 hours in advance if you can no longer make it. Cancellation fees will be charged for bookings cancelled less than 24 hours before. 

I have booked to play as a group of four and one of us can no longer play, what do I do? 

Four players are required per court. If a player can no longer play, join the Privilee Padel Facebook Community Group to look for another Privilee Member to take their spot. If you cannot find another player, please cancel your booking directly with the venue. 


How do I cancel a booking?

Each venue has its own cancellation policy. Members are required to contact the venue directly to cancel a booking, either via phone call or WhatsApp. 

If I cancel my court booking, is it deducted from my two complimentary padel games?

If you cancel a court booking as per the venue's cancellation policy, it will not count towards your two complimentary padel games that month.

What length of time is the complimentary court booking? 

Each complimentary court booking is 60 minutes. 

I want to play padel for longer, can I extend the court booking?

Yes, you can extend for an additional 30 minutes for a preferential rate at the venue. The rates are in your app. 

If you would like to extend your padel game, please inform the venue at the time of booking so that the court can be reserved for the correct length of time. Please note that this is subject to court availability. 

I’ve never played padel before, can I try it with Privilee? 

Absolutely, Privilee Members of all levels and abilities can play padel.  

Can non-Privilee members play?

Non-Privilee members are welcome to play and can join you on the court for a preferential rate. 

What are the preferential rates for non-Privilee members?

The preferential rates vary at each venue. If you’re playing with a non-Privilee member, they can save 20% when you play together!

Is equipment provided? 

Please bring your own equipment or rent it from the venue. Some venues provide complimentary equipment, while others charge. 

Equipment rental rates can be found in your app. 

How can I meet other Privilee Members that play padel?

Join the Privilee Padel Facebook Community Group! 

This group has been created for Privilee Members who want to organise games with other Privilee Members. 

How long will Privilee Padel be available as a membership benefit? 

Privilee Padel is available to Members up until 31st August 2024.

Do we get a preferential rate on padel lessons? 

Privilee Padel does not include preferential rates on padel lessons.

Can kids play?

Complimentary access for kids is not included. 

Can I pay for my kids to join? 

The kids' policy varies by venue, please check with the venue directly for specific details.

Are indoor padel courts available? 

Yes, the below venue provides indoor padel courts: 

Abu Dhabi:

  • Padelae Abu Dhabi


  • Padelae Al Quoz, Dubai
  • Padelae Al Quoz Ladies, Dubai


  • Padelae Sharjah

Are outdoor padel courts available? 

Yes, the below venues provide outdoor padel courts: 

Abu Dhabi:

  • 321 Sports, Abu Dhabi
  • Padelae Abu Dhabi


  • Ahdaaf Padel Club, City Centre Al Zahia, Dubai Sports City
  • Padelae Al Quoz, Dubai
  • Padelae Al Quoz Ladies, Dubai


  • Ahdaaf Padel Club, Me'aisem, Sharjah 
  • Padelae Sharjah

Can I play padel more than twice per month, complimentary?

Privilee Padel includes up to two complimentary games of padel per month. Additional padel games will incur charges, paid directly to the venue. 

Do I get a preferential rate on additional court bookings, as a Privilee Member? 

Privilee does not offer preferential rates on court bookings beyond the two complimentary padel games included with your membership.

I didn’t play padel this month, can my two complimentary games roll into the next month? 

The two complimentary games renew on the first day of every month and cannot be carried over.

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Sep 12, 2023