ave even more with your membership!

As part of your Privilee membership, you can save up to 50% on food and drinks across 400+ restaurants and bars with your exclusive Member discounts, amazing right?! 

Alongside food and drink discounts, you get up to 30% off water sports, golf bookings, tennis lessons, personal training and beauty treatments at selected Privilee partners.

What are “Privilee Discounts”?

Privilee discounts give you special discounts at venues. From food and drinks, spa treatments and personal training packages, to discounts on tennis lessons and even golf!

How do I redeem a discount? 

The process is very easy, follow three simple steps:

  • Search in your app for the venue discount you would like to use, e.g. “Thiptara”. 
  • Tap the discount and then “Redeem”.
  • The venue will give you their four digit pin to enter. That’s it, you’ve redeemed your discount!

You can also redeem discounts without searching for the venue name, just follow these steps: 

  • Tap “Card” on the home screen of your app. 
  • Tap “Redeem a discount” and the discount you would like to redeem.
  • The venue will give you their four digit pin. That’s it, you’ve redeemed your discount!

How can I view the discounts I get?

Go to the “Explore” tab on your app and you will see a list of categories; Pool & beach, Fitness, Kids & family, Restaurants, Bars, Sports activities and Spas. Tap what you’d like to see more of and go from there. 

Are there any restrictions? 

Some venues allow discounts on selected days only, so please check your app before you go. Generally, there aren’t any restrictions and if there are, they will be clearly outlined within the app.

Do I need to be connected to the internet? 

Yes, to redeem Privilee discounts, you need to be connected to the internet. 

Who can use Privilee Discounts?

The Privilee Member must be present at the time of redemption, however you can bring guests who are entitled to the discount too! The number of guests you can bring will be clearly displayed on the venue card in the app.

Are Privilee discounts valid during public holidays?

This is dependent on the voucher/venue, please call ahead to confirm with the venue if they accept discounts during public holidays. 

Can I use Privilee discounts with any other discounts or offers?

Privilee discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts, promotions or offers. 


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Aug 18, 2021