rivilee Members now have access to Dubai’s most iconic waterpark

We’ve outlined what to expect at this family-favourite day out and included some FAQs you might have, plus a ride guide so you can plan ahead! 

Exhilarating rides, to suit everyone

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker wanting to be swept off your feet on Jumeirah Sceirah’s 120-metre slide, or prefer to gently float along Juha’s Journey - the 360-metre long lazy river, there are plenty of options at Wild Wadi Waterpark™. 

Each ride has a thrill rating, so it’s super easy to make the right choice for younger and older kids.

Some rides have a height requirement of minimum 1.1 metres.

Eating is just as fun as the rides

If all the fun and action has left you hungry, don’t worry you won’t be for long! 

There are two main restaurants at the park; Riptide Pizza and Julshan’s Burgers and Dog. Riptide Pizza serves freshly made pizzas and Julshan’s Burgers and Dog offers an array of options, including burgers, shawarmas, salads and sandwiches. 

Food stalls are available throughout the park, where you can get fresh fruit, drinks, snacks and of course ice creams - plenty of options to suit everyone! 

*Riptide Pizza is currently closed

Wild Wadi Waterpark™ does not allow guests to bring food and drinks into the waterpark.

Wild Wadi Waterpark™ FAQs

How often can I visit?

You can visit as often as you like! You will need to plan your visits via the Privilee app just like you do for other venues. 

Do I have access on weekends and weekdays?

Yes, you can access Wild Wadi Waterpark™ six days a week (the venue is closed every Monday). Access will not be granted if you have not planned a visit to the venue via the Privilee app - so remember to plan in advance!

Wild Wadi Waterpark™ is open 10am - 6pm seven days a week.

Can I access all the facilities?

Yes, Privilee Members have access to all rides at Wild Wadi Waterpark™.

Is the water temperature monitored?

Yes, Breakers Bay and Juha's Dhow and Lagoon are 27°C - 29°C and all other rides are 27°C - 30°C.

How many children can go?

You can take up to three of your children to Wild Wadi Waterpark™. Children must be registered in your Privilee app or they will not be granted complimentary access at the venue. 

What is the age limit to access Wild Wadi Waterpark™?

You can take up to three of your children, age 17 and under.

Please note you can only bring your own children. 

Can I bring my nanny? 

You are welcome to bring your nanny, however they will be charged the venue's standard day rate

Can I bring additional guests?

Privilee Members are welcome to bring guests, guests are charged the venue's standard day rates

Can I use Privilee Guest Passes at Wild Wadi Waterpark™?

Access to Wild Wadi Waterpark is not included with a Privilee Guest Pass.

Learn more about Privilee Guest Passes here, and purchase them directly through your app.  

How do I plan my visit? 

Plan your visits the same way you do for other Privilee venues:

  • Search for Wild Wadi Waterpark in your app.
  • Tap ‘Plan a visit’*.
  • Select if you want to arrive before or after 2pm.
  • Tap ‘Confirm’.

*You will need to select the family members you are going with, if you are visiting the waterpark together.

Are food and drink discounts included?

Food and drink discounts are not available at Wild Wadi.

*Riptide Pizza is currently closed

How do I check in and out? 

To check in, follow the below steps:

  • Open your Privilee app and tap ‘Card’.
  • Tap ‘Check in’.*
  • A QR code will appear, the venue will scan this and you will be checked in. 

*You will need to check in any family members that you are visiting with.

To check out, simply open your app and tap ‘Check out’. Please ensure you check out when you leave the venue to help manage capacity efficiently.  

Do I have to take my own towel?

Towel hire is available for a charge of AED 39 per person. Alternatively, you can bring your own towels. 

Is there a charge to use the lockers?

Yes, please find locker rental rates below.

  • Small - AED 39
  • Medium - AED 49
  • Large AED - 69

Is there valet parking? 

Wild Wadi Waterpark™ does not offer valet parking, however there is free parking, with lots of space available. 

More questions? Contact us on 04 554 7820 and our team will help you, or check out more of Wild Wadi’s do’s and dont’s here.

Privilee’s Ride Guide

Juha's Dhow and Lagoon 

This interactive play area has over 100 activities, including five slides and water guns. Juha’s Dhow is great for families with little ones - you can expect hours of fun with Juha and his magical friend Sinbad!

Juha’s Journey 

Juha's Journey is a 360-metre long lazy river, enjoy floating around before you brave the wilder rides like Jumeirah Sceirah.

Jumeirah Sceirah

Climb up the 32-metre tower and take in spectacular views of the entire waterpark before you enter this ride. Before you know it, the floor opens and you’re sliding down the 120-metre slide at an astonishing speed of 80 km/h! 

Breakers Bay 

Experience the largest wave pool in the Middle East, Breaker's Bay produces 1.5-metre waves in five different directions to test your strength and stability!

Tantrum Alley

Slide down two water slides into three thrilling tornadoes before ending with a splash into the pool. 

Master Blasters

Get ready for a series of high-powered water jets to rocket you up to 15 metres off the ground! 

Burj Surj 

Up to four people travel down water slides in a rubber ring towards the ‘Bowl’, before being hurtled into two spiraling spins and straight into the pool.

Action River

Creating waves over 1-metre high, the Action River is exactly that - action packed and unpredictable, with surges of 100,000 litres of water when you least expect it. 

Action-packed experiences

Take a break from the rides to try out exciting water sports or Wipeout and Riptide challenges at the practice pool - home to a world-leading wave machine that is set to test everyone! 

The Wipeout and Riptide FlowRiders offer the ultimate surfing experience and challenge. One of the only four in the world, the Wipeout FlowRider produces a wave effect for body-boarding and knee-boarding. 

Take a look at the park map below! 

Make sure to tag us when you visit, @Privilee_UAE #SplashWithPrivilee


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Sep 9, 2021