A functional training fitness studio in Sharjah.

The main focus at Qudrah Fitness is functional training with an emphasis on mobility, strength, and conditioning. Get results and feel stronger than ever in their results-driven classes.

Challenge yourself

Join one complimentary fitness class per week at Qudrah Fitness, with the option to train in men’s and ladies-only sessions. Whether you want to focus on strength-building, cardio, or flexibility, there's a class for every fitness goal and preference. 

Get a taste of what to expect in the studios fitness classes: 

  • HYROX Training - Complete a series of workouts, from running and sled pushes to burpees and rowing, in a specific sequence and a set time frame in HYROX Training. These workouts will truly test you!
  • HIIT - Maximise calorie burn and improve cardiovascular fitness in HIIT. Perform bursts of intense exercises with short rests in between.
  • Full Bodybuilding - Strengthen and sculpt your body through resistance exercises that target major muscle groups. Enhance muscle growth, endurance, and overall fitness levels,

View the fitness class schedule. 

Stay motivated

Specialised trainers create a dynamic environment to motivate individuals to reach their goals throughout their fitness journey. Through their extensive experience and passion for all things health and fitness, prepare for a knockout workout every time. 

Train indoors and outdoors

During the cooler months, Qudrah Fitness spices things up with outdoor boot camp sessions! Work up a sweat on the beach and have fun while getting fit with energetic trainers leading the way.

The studio's indoor space has an industrial feel to it. Grey-washed walls, black finishings, and flashes of green bring a modern and edgy vibe to your workout environment. Functional training equipment is dotted around the studio to bring the heat to your workouts, ensuring every session is dynamic and effective. From assault bikes and SkiErg machines to medicine balls and kettlebells. 

Join the community

Discover a welcoming fitness community at Qudrah Fitness! Feel the warm and friendly environment as you step into the studio, greeted by welcoming coaches and other fitness enthusiasts. 

Book your class

WhatsApp +971 657 91340 to book a fitness class at Qudrah Fitness. Please include your email address, full name, membership number and the class you would like to join. Privilee Members can book up to five days in advance. 

If you can no longer make it, please cancel at least two hours before the class begins to avoid a late cancellation fee. 

Privilee Membership benefits at Qudrah Fitness:

  • Complimentary access to one fitness class per week. 
  • 10% off food and drinks at Qudrah Fitness café. 
  • 10% off additional class packages. 
  • Complimentary self-parking is available. 


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May 10, 2024