livia, aka @Onefitwonderwoman shares her tips on how to maximise your at-home workouts

It's not just about the workout.

With the need for social distancing and self-isolation, there has never been a better time to do some of the things you might have been neglecting with life. Being constrained to spend more time at home will give us back a lot of time that we previously might have spent on travelling to work, putting makeup on, socialising and heading out for a bite to eat. Gaining this extra time, we should reframe our mindset and look at it as a positive opportunity where we can reallocate this time towards self-improvement, learning new skills, reading that book and taking care of our health.

As well as working out, give the below a try...

Remember to stretch and practise your mobility

Of course it's essential to keep fit and do regular workouts, however I always recommend to practise your mobility and stretch prior to anything, it will make you feel like a different person. Putting off stretches or mobility drills that aren’t enjoyable because we can’t do them, don't know how to do them or because they cause us a level of discomfort is a very common practice - so stick with it!

Mobility will make you move and perform better too and the greatest personal growth usually comes from working on your weak points. If you have tight hamstrings or calves, those are always going to limit your abilities and prove to be a roadblock for certain beneficial exercises. Mobilising those restricted muscle groups can have an exponential improvement on your overall movement abilities and health. The same can be said for any other perceived weaknesses. 

Here are three mobility drills you can do before you begin your home bodyweight workout routine:

  1. World's greatest stretch - 6 reps
  2. Couch stretch - hold 60 seconds each side
  3. Jefferson curl - 4-5 reps

Practice your breathwork   

When we think of at-home workouts, there is usually a big focus on just bodyweight exercise. But there are other modalities that we can work on when confined to our homes too, one of the easiest and most overlooked is breathing mechanics and drills. Every aspect of movement and health is underpinned by how well you can breathe and utilise oxygen.

Here is a quick and simple breathing drill that will increase your workout performance, lower stress and anxiety in less than a few minutes.

Box breathing drill:

  1. Breathe in for 4 seconds
  2. Hold breath for 4 seconds 
  3. Exhale for 4 seconds 
  4. Hold for 4 seconds
  5. Repeat for 4 to 5 cycles 

Note: breathe into your belly. Place your hands on your stomach and make sure your lower abdominals extend with each breath. This encourages diaphragmatic breathing.  

Ready to train? Try my 10-day at-home Privilee workout plan 

Lastly, if you’re looking for some short, effective and challenging home workouts you can do - right click and save the workout template below for a 10-day at-home Privilee workout plan. Not sure on certain movements? Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram at @Onefitwonderwoman anytime.

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Apr 5, 2020