Mindful living can help us to find more happiness, joy and meaning in our life, luckily your Privilee Membership can aid with all of those things! 

Read on to learn about ways to utilize your Privilee Membership, practice mindfulness and get into habits that will benefit your health.

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If, you want to switch off and enjoy a good book, you need to visit these Privilee Venues. All of them are perfect for relaxing in a quiet space! 

Yoga & Pilates

If you’re interested in taking up a new hobby, focussing on your fitness or simply want to try something different, yoga or pilates could be perfect for you. 

Search the Privilee Fitness Schedule here to view all of the venues you can try a class at. 

Swim in a lap pool

There is nothing we love more than starting our day with a few laps, it’s so relaxing and great to clear your mind. Try one of the other lap pools you can access with Privilee.

Walk along the beach 

Going for a stroll along the beach is an amazing way to de-stress and get some steps in! Lucky for Privilee Members, you have access to 30+ private beaches, here are our favourites for a beach run (or walk, stroll, jog, etc!). 

Unwind with water sport activities

Paddleboarding and kayaking can be SO tranquil and peaceful. We LOVE to go first thing when it’s super quiet and the water is calm (so there’s less chance of us losing our balance!). Try it at multiple Privilee locations across The Palm, JBR and Abu Dhabi.


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Jan 1, 2021