njoy even more value from your Privilee membership!

What are “Privilee Vouchers”?

Privilee vouchers offer you special rates and package deals at selected partner venues. From fun-filled experiences, dining discounts, pampering treatments, extra gym sessions and more, there is something for everyone!  

Where do I find the vouchers?

You can browse all Privilee vouchers in your app, find them on your home screen under "Vouchers" and click the -> sign to browse them all. You can also view vouchers on hotel venue cards, for example search "Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah", tap the name and all of the venue details will appear- including the vouchers available.

How do they work?

Vouchers are purchased directly through your Privilee app- we’ve made the process very simple for you. 

Explore the vouchers available within your app, select the voucher you’d like to buy and use the card you have saved on file to purchase. The voucher is stored on your app until you’re ready to use it. 

Some vouchers need to be used by a specific date, a Friday brunch for example, whereas other vouchers have a longer expiry date. This information is detailed within each voucher, so make sure you use your vouchers in time. 

How do I redeem my voucher?

Follow these steps: 

  1. Tell a member of staff you’d like to use a Privilee Voucher (at the time of booking and when requesting your bill)
  2. Open your Privilee app and select the voucher from ‘My vouchers’ in the ‘Me’ section
  3. The venue will provide you with a four digit pin to enter
  4. The redemption is complete!

Who can use them? 

Each voucher will specify how many people it is intended for, this is mentioned within the voucher details before you purchase. At the time of redemption, the Privilee Member must be present. 

Do I need to book in advance with the voucher venue?

This will depend on the voucher you plan to use. If you have purchased a voucher for F&B, such as brunch or afternoon tea, we suggest making a reservation with the venue in advance and mention at the time of booking that you will be using a Privilee voucher.  

If I buy a Privilee voucher, where do I find it in my app?

You can keep track of all the vouchers you have purchased in your app, just go to the “Me” section of your app and tap “My Vouchers”. 

Can I buy the voucher for someone else?

Currently, vouchers can only be purchased for your own use. However, watch this space! We’re constantly looking to evolve and improve the vouchers feature for Privilee Members.

Can I view my used vouchers?

Yes! You can easily view the vouchers you’ve redeemed or expired vouchers, plus how much you've saved! Go to the “Me” section of your app, tap “My Vouchers” and then “Used/Expired”. Your savings will be displayed at the top of the screen.

Can I use a voucher and Privilee discount together?

Vouchers are already offered at a discounted price so cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts and offers. 

Will I need an internet connection to redeem my voucher?

Yes, to redeem your voucher, you need to be connected to the internet.

Is there a limit to how many vouchers I can buy?

There is no limit to how many vouchers you can purchase, so don’t worry! However, some vouchers are ‘limited’, with a restricted amount available, this will be clearly detailed on the voucher.

Can I buy the same voucher, more than once? 

Yes, you can buy the same voucher several times. This is a great option for the poolside F&B vouchers available- so you can use them every time you Privilee! 

My Privilee membership expired before I used my voucher, what do I do?

Vouchers are exclusive to Privilee Members, therefore can only be used while your membership is active. Please make sure to redeem all purchased vouchers ahead of your membership expiry. You can find your membership expiry date in the “Card” section of your app. 

What happens if I purchase a voucher and don’t use it in time?

There is an expiry date listed on each voucher. We’ve included this so you can see the validity of the voucher and can plan around this. Unused vouchers cannot be refunded or exchanged for something else so please do redeem them! 

Can I use my voucher during public holidays?

This is dependent on the voucher/venue, and will be listed on the voucher within the Ts&Cs. If you are still unsure and want to check before purchasing, we suggest you call the venue to reconfirm. 

Can myself and another Privilee Member buy the same voucher and redeem it at the same time?

Yes! Generally speaking, as long as the vouchers have been purchased and the booking has been made, you both can use vouchers. Any restrictions on vouchers will be clearly outlined in the voucher Ts&Cs. 


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Mar 10, 2021