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Health Coach, Diego Carrete is used to being ‘on the go’ and working across the UAE, meeting clients and partners. This means finding suitable places to work from is a must! Below he shares how he utilizes Privilee whilst working around the city.  

Over to Diego… 

There is no doubt that the Pandemic has changed the concept of workplaces and how we view them, few people had the opportunity to work outside of an office before 2020 and were used to spending five days a week there.

As the world has changed, professionals are now very specific when it comes to establishing their work environment - ensuring it works for them and their lifestyle. 

One of the most valuable things to me about Privilee is the food and drink discounts that come with the membership, meaning I can work from cafes, restaurants or even a pool without spending a small fortune on coffees, breakfast and lunch throughout the day.

Let me explain how I work remotely, successfully! 

What really makes a location an ideal space to work from? Here is my take: 

  • A quiet and relaxing environment
  • Inspiring scenery
  • WiFi available for you to connect to - easily!
  • Good food, and even more importantly, great coffee!

Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah

This is by far my favourite place to work from. Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah has a stunning terrace with ample seating available for you to work from, due to the size and space it’s also a great place for meetings. 

When you want to take a break, relax and recharge your batteries, head downstairs and you will find a tranquil garden area to wander around.

Privilee Members + 4 guests save 20% on food and drinks

Zabeel House

If you live in The Greens or close by, Zabeel House is one of the best locations to work from in my opinion. Social Company, one of the hotels restaurants, is open from 6.30am daily and has a great menu catering to all diet types (plus, Privilee Members save 20%). This restaurant also has very large tables, so for me it is a great place to set up for the day, as I am most productive in the morning, and to host meetings as there is lots of space. I also like the gym here, Native Gym, so will usually head here after finishing work!

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The Palace Downtown

When I have meetings in Downtown, Palace Downtown is my number one location to meet clients and partners. I’ll usually stay to work afterwards - the magnificent Burj Khalifa views are second to none from the pool! If you live in the Downtown or DIFC area - it’s definitely worth a try. 

The lounge is inspiring, luxurious and quiet - it’s a great option if you want to host an impressive meeting spot. This also makes it ideal for Zoom/online meetings as it’s spacious with few people around.

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Jan 6, 2022