Get ready to fiesta!

Step into PLAYA Dubai, an exquisite dining destination on Palm West Beach where the vibrant flavours of Peruvian cuisine take centre stage, and Privilee Members save 20% on food and drinks! 

Privilee Member, Samantha, recently had the pleasure of immersing herself in the lively atmosphere and mouthwatering dishes at this chic beachfront restaurant. Join her as we explore the energetic vibe, tantalising food, quirky cocktails and everything else you need to know about this Palm Jumeirah hot spot.

Vibrant energy 

Upon stepping into PLAYA, I was captivated by the buzzing and electric atmosphere. We arrived around 5pm to have some sundowners before dinner, and the venue had a fun and lively feel to it, creating the perfect ambience for a memorable experience. 

As the evening unfolds, live entertainment and talented DJs take the stage, infusing the air with fun beats that further lift the mood.

Stunning aesthetics 

One of the first things I noticed about PLAYA was how incredibly Instagrammable and gorgeous the interiors are! 

As we were going for sundowners, we walked through the restaurant to the outdoor terrace area on the beach and got to see it all. The restaurant is really cool and quirky, with iridescent individual tiles in purple, pink and blue tones lining the roof, white walls covered in abstract designs and an open plan dining area filled with booths and tables, plus a bar overlooking the open kitchen. 

I’d describe the outdoor terrace area as “bohemian chic meets coastal charm!”. It’s got the type of aesthetic you’ll want to be posting all over your Instagram. Expect lots of light shades of cream and nude, crotched-fringed umbrellas and soft cushions, creating a lovely laid-back environment. 

Signature cocktails and refreshing drinks

We chose a table outside to watch the sunset on the beach dining area. There was a DJ close by and a bar to the left of us, where bartenders made our drinks in front of us - the atmosphere felt fun, with lots of chatting and laughing, and the DJ added a great vibe. 

I ordered “A Taste of Summer” - made with fresh strawberries and spirits, it was super fresh and so nice on a warm evening! My friend tried the “Chicha Sour”, which was a pico sour with a twist, as it was mixed with chicha morada, which is purple corn from Peru! She said it was delicious and had a bit of a spicy kick. 

This is a great spot to watch the sunset as you get to enjoy the iconic views of the Dubai Marina skyline - more photo opportunities!

Exquisite Peruvian delicacies

I had the pleasure of indulging in a variety of authentic Peruvian dishes here that left me craving more! We wanted to share a few dishes so we could try lots of different things, as they all looked so delicious. 

To start, we savoured the Tuna Ceviche, it was super fresh and zesty, accompanied by a burst of flavours from onions, cilantro, and a touch of spice. We also went for two of the Tiraditos: Salmon and ‘Peru’ which featured Seabass and Crispy Prawns - unbelievable! Calamari is my favourite and when I saw they had Crispy Calamari on the menu, I had to try it, so we got one of these to share too which was just as good as expected. Definitely recommend ordering! 

Lastly (but not least!), we had a few bits of sashimi to share from the raw section of the menu. You can choose from salmon, tuna, scallops, seabass and octopus, so we went for scallops and seabass. It was really fresh and tasted delicious with a bit of soy sauce. 

What I’ve mentioned above is just a snippet of their mouthwatering menu - there are SO many options to choose from! From wagyu ribeye and oysters to empanadas and croquettes, prepare to eat well when you visit! 

Perfect for catch ups 

PLAYA is not only a fantastic place to indulge in exquisite Peruvian cuisine, but it's also a great spot to catch up with friends over a leisurely lunch or spend a relaxing afternoon enjoying the beach club.

I’d also say that PLAYA is an ideal venue for special celebrations and events. The vibrant energy and stunning setting create the ultimate backdrop for birthday parties, anniversaries, or any occasion where you’re looking for a memorable day/night! 


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Jul 13, 2023