Registering your children to your Privilee account is important so you can seamlessly plan your visits as a family and access venues together.

Here are the steps to register your children and why it is necessary.

Why do I need to register my kids? 

Registering your children helps us provide more relevant information to you. For example, if you have three children, we can recommend venues that cater to larger families. We also aim to help Privilee venues manage their capacity by knowing how many Members are at or planning to visit.

How do I register my kids? 

Follow the below steps to register your children to your Privilee account.

  • Open your Privilee app
  • Go to the “Me” section 
  • Tap “My Family”
  • Tap "Add children"
  • Add your child's details, including their name, age, gender, and a clear photo
  • Tap “Save details” and a pop-up will appear to confirm your child's details have been added
  • You can repeat the steps for up to three children

After I have registered my children to my account, what do I do?

The next time you plan a visit to a Privilee venue with your family, select the children who will be visiting the venue with you. Please ensure you all check in together.

Email or WhatsApp +971 58 536 7847 with any questions.


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Apr 26, 2021