ebecca and Megan, the fabulous @JustTwoMums share a fun tip to keep the kids entertained...

With all of us at home for the next few weeks, here’s a way to keep the kids busy, whilst helping us mums (or dads) in the kitchen too. 

Get everyone involved in preparing a family dinner – the Italian way! 

There are a few videos on Instagram of Jamie Oliver’s son making his favourite dishes, so we decided to try out his bolognese. The best thing? The kids can make the entire meal themselves which means they are more likely to eat the very visible bits of zucchini and carrots in this sauce. Plus, we found that it was a great opportunity to sneak in some math too – try getting them to double or cut a recipe in half perhaps?

My seven-year-old made this dish entirely herself with the exception of draining the pasta, but I think you could do this for any kids from the ages of three with help from an adult.

Just be prepared to spend a little extra time on it!

I can whip up a bolognese in about 10 minutes, but this took us around 30. It’s such a nice change to let the kids cook a family meal and means it’s one less job for us mums. This is great especially now when our job description has been expanded to include teacher, coach, and artist, so I’m happy to give the chef hat to someone else.

Check out the recipe here:


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Apr 1, 2020