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Looking for new fitness classes to try? Look no further! Rebecca and Megan from @JustTwoMums have recommended five of their favourite fitness classes, from energetic HIIT sessions to low-impact classes - get ready to work!

As part of Dubai 30x30 and the Privilee 30x30 Challenge, we are giving our Privilee memberships a serious workout!

Here are our top workouts to get in a full week of fitness classes, and they are all complimentary with your Privilee membership.  


Fitness class: Cardio. 

Venue: Reset Fitness, Jumeirah Islands. 

This class is great for beginners as you work at your own pace and there are screens at every circuit station to show you exactly what to do. Everyone participating in the class wears a monitor to track their heart rate, this means that you can see how hard you are working during the workout. It’s super motivating! 


Fitness class: Barre Burn.

Venue: StudioRepublik, SZR.

Small movements but big results, this class was great fun and you really feel that every muscle has worked the next day. We love this class for low-impact toning and strength building - you will use muscles that you didn't know existed.


Fitness class: Ryde Rave.

Venue: FitRepublik, Motor City. 

Great energy and music - this class is such a fun way to smash out some serious cardio. You will be sweaty and out of breath, but the class goes by in the blink of an eye, which is always a winner with us! 


Fitness class: TRX.

Venue: Warehouse Gym, Springs Souk.

The perfect class to compliment your cardio the day before. This is bodyweight and suspension training, the TRX increases your range of motion which means you can take each movement further, for example squatting lower.  


Fitness class: Burn.

Venue: NRG Fitness, Dubau Marina. 

This no-nonsense class is high-intensity with lots of weights and reps. It’s a strong finish to the week and perfect as you’ll want to take a rest day and recover the following day.

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Nov 4, 2022