Stretch, relax, and unwind.

Privilee Member, Julia, wanted some time for herself and has shared why Yoga Ashram, a hidden gem in JLT, is the perfect spot for it. Whether you are a yogi, want to relax, stretch, or strengthen your body, Yoga Ashram has options for everyone. 

Here is what Julia has to say! 

After a day in the office and a weight-lifting workout in the morning, both my husband and I felt we could use a good full-body stretch. After a quick look into the Privilee app to check what places and classes are close by, we found Yoga Ashram in JLT.

Tranquil and welcoming studio

The studio has a total zen vibe the moment you enter, leaving your shoes at the entrance. We were warmly welcomed by the team at the front desk, who also showed us the way to where the class is held. It’s a bright and spacious studio, with art on the walls and plants scattered throughout, giving it a really clean-cut and light feel. 

A class suitable for all fitness levels

The name of the class we chose is Stretch & Strength, and takes place in Yoga Ashram’s largest studio, comfortably fitting 15 people (you won’t ever feel cramped and have plenty of room to practice!). 

The room is fully equipped with mats, yoga blocks, dumbbells, yoga bolsters and cushions and other features, However, the highlight is the beautiful view you have over the city, which because of the flickering city night lights in the distance added to a super relaxing atmosphere. 

While the place felt somehow like a hidden gem, the class was quite busy with both men and women of literally all ages and fitness levels. So if you aren’t a yoga expert but you would like to give it a try without feeling intimidated, this class is for you.

Expert guidance

The instructor was just as welcoming as the team at the front desk, explaining every position and exercise in detail, and checking that each individual was in a pose that is not harmful to their body. The exercises were an excellent mix of stretch, strength and stability/balance poses, that everybody could follow at a pace appropriate for their own capability. Plus, there were alternative options provided if certain stretches were not attainable, or if others wanted a slightly deeper stretch. 

Thanks to the sense of humour the instructor had, we had a few good laughs during the hour as he kept things light-hearted and made jokes along the way - creating a friendly experience and not taking things too seriously! I loved this, it was very unexpected and not what you often find in these types of classes. It made the class even more enjoyable and not intimidating at all - and my husband also agreed! 

The perfect end to the day

Once the class was over the studio provided blue nano light disinfection spray to ensure all mats and blocks are disinfected and hygienic for the next class. Feeling calm but energised, we had a glass of their complementary lemon-infused water before heading back home. It really was such a great class to enjoy at the end of the day, or if you’re feeling tense and like you need stretch. I would definitely recommend this class if, like me, you lift weights. It’s a great way to reduce muscle soreness and prevent injuries. 

All-in-all it was an hour well spent for both body and soul. Surely not our last time at Yoga Ashram with Privilee!

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Jul 11, 2023