ove to Privilee with your kids and partner? Here’s what you need to do and why.

In case you didn’t hear it on the ‘grapevine’, you will now need to add your kids’ information to your Privilee profile. This has been implemented because pretty soon we will have some exciting partners joining the membership that will require you to check in both adults and children. Not only that, registering your kids will support the check-in and identification process when visiting our venues too.

So if you are planning to enjoy some of our Privilee family venues, you will need to make sure you have registered your family within the app first.

How to register your family:

1. Download the latest version of the app, go to the ‘Me’ section and click ‘My Family’ 

2. Next, click ‘+’ to add a child and follow the next steps

3. You will need your kids’ names, photos and dates of birth to register them successfully 

Remember, when visiting our family partners (venues that grant access for kids), as a couple you can check-in up to two or three children at a time as per membership policy. Please check the kid’s access policy within each partner’s page of the app prior to arrival. 

Got questions? We love answering them. 

Visit our FAQs on the website in case we’ve already got you covered. Otherwise, give us a call or WhatsApp on +971 58548 8631.


Don’t forget to check out the app for more information on entry and access to our awesome partners.
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Feb 19, 2020