Plan your Privilee in advance

Why do I have to plan my visit in advance?

Planning your visit in advance helps venues manage capacity so they know who will be at their venues throughout the day and how much space they have available.

How do I plan my visit to a Privilee venue?

Plan your visit via the app from 8pm the night before you plan to Privilee. Some venues are available on a walk-in basis, however access to all venues is on a first come, first served basis.

Tap ‘Plan a visit’ on the venue page that you would like to visit and select a time to arrive, before or after 2pm. When you have selected a venue and time, it will be added to your schedule. This can be found in “Me” >> “My schedule”. 

Please note that if you are planning to go to a gym, you are not required to plan a visit through the app. Simply check in when you arrive.

Am I guaranteed a spot at the venue?

Access is based on a first come, first served basis. There are some occasions where venues reach full capacity and are unable to accept additional guests.

I have planned to visit a venue, but the app says the venue is now unavailable. What should I do?

You can visit the app to browse alternative venues, or drop us a WhatsApp and we are happy to guide you on where to Privilee! 

The venue I want to visit is full, what do I do?

When Members check out or change their plans, spaces are released for other Members to use. Please check throughout the day or try a different venue.

Do all venues require advance planning?

Not all venues require advanced planning, many are accessible on a walk-in basis. If a venue is available on a walk-in basis, it is highlighted as 'Walk in' in the app.

If I plan to arrive before 2pm, how long can I stay at the venue?

You are welcome to stay at the venue as long as you like, until the pool or beach area shuts.

Can I arrive earlier than my planned visit?

If you have planned to arrive after 2pm and want to arrive earlier, you will need to replan your visit to arrive before 2pm.

What do I do if my plans change and I can no longer Privilee? 

Go to the ‘Me’ >> ‘My schedule’ section of your app and you will see the option to cancel. Tap ‘Cancel your visit’ and you will receive an email to confirm this visit has been cancelled. 

Do I have to check out upon leaving a venue?

Yes, please check out when you have finished Privilee’ing. This helps Privilee venues manage capacity at their venue, and means another Member can take your space. 

How often can I Privilee?

As often as you like! Your membership gives you unlimited access to all Privilee beach, pool and gym venues. 

Some fitness classes may have restrictions, this is clearly detailed within your app.


Drop us a WhatsApp or email with any questions.


May 30, 2021