ou suggested, we listened! Here’s our guide on using the booking system

Why do I have to book in advance?

The booking system came into place in June 2020, post covid-19 lockdown, so that our partner venues could anticipate capacity, and follow health & safety guidelines. The resulting feedback from our Members was that they loved being able to plan and book in advance, so it’s been a part of the Privilee experience ever since! 

How does the booking system work?

You can book a spot at selected venues from the evening before you plan to visit. Spaces are released from 8pm every day and in addition, you are able to book an AM or a PM slot. Once you’ve booked, you are highly likely to get into a venue, but slots are still on a first come, first served basis.

Does a booking guarantee my spot at the venue?

A booking will give you a high probability of accessing a venue, however it is still based on a first come and first served basis. There are some (rare!) occasions in which venues reach full capacity and are unable to accept additional guests. This is in order to adhere to current health & safety guidelines.

I have a booking, but the app says the venue is now unavailable. What should I do?

You can visit the app to explore other venue options, or give us a call (04 554 7820) and we’d be happy to help guide you! 

The venue I want to visit is fully booked, now what?

When Members check out or cancel bookings, spaces are released for other Members to book, so please check throughout the day. You can visit the app to explore other venue options. 

Do all venues require bookings?

No, many of our venues do not require a booking, and have very generous capacity. Venues that require a booking are labelled accordingly within the app.

Can I stay later than my booking?

Yes, you can book a morning slot and still stay the whole day.

Can I come earlier than my booking?

No, if you book a 2pm slot and want to arrive earlier, you should book an AM slot. 

Do I have to cancel my booking if my plan’s change?

Yes, please do, so that the space can be released for other Members. You can do this in the app under ‘Me’ >> ‘My Bookings’ and choose the booking you wish to cancel

Do I have to check out upon leaving a venue?

Yes, please do check out before departing. This helps our venue partners keep up to date with the capacity at their venue and will allow another Member to take that space. 

Why don’t you just buy more memberships at popular venues?

We monitor demand across our venues and when available, we purchase additional memberships at venues that prove to be popular. Our aim is that you are never turned away, however due to limitations outside of our control there are times in which venues simply cannot accommodate additional guests. 

What is the busiest check in time?

Our busiest check-in time is 10am-12pm. Avoid this time period if you want to beat the crowds. 

How often can I book?

As often as you like, across our beach, pool and gym venues. Some fitness classes may have restrictions, but this will be clearly detailed within the app.

Do I need to bring my own towel?

Due to current health and safety precautions, some venues request Members to bring their own towel. Please check the app for information on the venue in advance of arrival.

Is there valet parking?

Due to current health and safety precautions, some venues may request you to self-park. You can find parking details under the ‘entry & access’ section for each partner within the app.

Have more questions? Feel free to give us a call on +971 (4) 554 7820.

Jul 27, 2020