rivilee member and Model Lena, tells us how we can use the gift of time wisely.

COVID-19 influences everything that we do right now. Our work and private life, the plans that we made for the next couple of months, travels, activities and so on. Everything has slowed down or has come to a complete standstill and life as we know it is on pause.

Most of us are already counting the days until everything gets back to normal, but let’s look at this situation from a different perspective. Isn’t this something that every single one of us has been wishing for at some point in our lives? Not the virus of course, but being able to take a break from the daily hustle for a moment? Well here you go – life is paused!

You have been given the gift of time, so now it is time use it wisely. What is it that you always wanted to do when you have time?

Here are my ideas and inspiration on how to use time wisely:

Start meditating
The current situation is very stressful for many of us. We feel anxious and out of balance. If you ever wanted to try it, now is the time to start with meditation. Meditating is hard when you start off and freeing the mind from thoughts is easier said than done, but thankfully meditation is a skill that can be learned and you will get better with practice!

Get stretching
We all move less during quarantine so we feel the need to put all our energy into vigorous workouts, but how often do we forget to stretch our muscles and work on our mobility and flexibility? Especially our hips and shoulders as they get stiff when we don’t stretch the muscles out. Do yourself a favor and stretch for a couple of minutes every day – with or without workout! I swear you will feel like a different person afterwards.

Create new healthy habits
What was it that you’ve always wanted to get into, but never really stuck to? Drinking hot lemon water in the morning? Cold showers? 15 minute workouts every day? It takes around 28 days to form a new habit, so now is the time to get it right!

Learn a new trick
The internet is full of online courses, seminars and how-to videos. Use the time that you have been given to learn something new. It could be a language or a new skill that would be useful in your job, or maybe you want to learn about dog training or how to do a flower arrangement for your home. Whatever it is, I’m sure there is a course for it online!

Get in the kitchen and try out some new recipes
This is a big one for me actually. Over time I have gathered thousands of recipes that I’ve been meaning to try out, however I usually always end up freestyle-cooking with whatever is left in the fridge.  Now that I have more time to plan my meals, I can finally get to try out a couple of recipes.

Feel, Reflect, Reset
With life on pause, you have some room to raise the most important questions in your life. Are you happy with where you are in life right now? Do you actually like your job or your profession? Do you really want to spend the rest of your life with your current partner? Ooouuufff, hehe that’s a scary one… But seriously, we are often so busy that we don’t even find the time to look left and right. Trapped in our daily routine, we just roll with it and sometimes we don’t realise that we are actually running into the wrong direction. Take this time to feel, reflect and reset if necessary.

One last piece of advice during quarantine
All these tips above are meant to inspire you and keep you busy, however I feel that in todays lifestyle, with home office, home workouts, being available 24/7, it also puts a lot of pressure on us to be busy and over-productive. But keep in mind that it is also totally fine if you are not productive at all! Do not feel bad if you are not productive, It is ok to just be! Do what feels right for you and if you need this time as a time out, it is exactly as valuable as if you spend it doing any kind of activity.

You do you!

With love,
Lena x

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Apr 12, 2020