es.. you read that right!

You can burn up to 1,000 calories at one of our latest fitness partners, Oomo Fitness Studio (pass the donuts…).

Meaning Origin Of Movement, this boutique fitness studio located on Al Wasl road is a no-nonsense, results focused training spot with six unique classes to burn away those calories.

Here is a quick video for the ultimate training inspo and what you can expect..

Experience its ‘Xplod’ classes (Body, Burn, Fight) for high intensity interval training programmes

‘Xplor’ classes (Sculpt, Stretch and Dance) for calmer sessions focusing on toning and flexibility.

All classes range from 45–60 minutes so you are in and out in no time too.

Privilee loves: Sitting on its super instagram-able swing whilst waiting for the class to begin!


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Oct 10, 2019