Join a 321 Lift fitness class!

Unleash your strength and elevate your conditioning in a ‘321 Lift’ class at 321 Sports. Find out what to expect in this 90-minute results-driven group fitness class, and journey towards newfound vigor and vitality!

Class format

321 Lift is divided into two components. First, immerse yourself in a focused weight-lifting session, dedicated to refining your technique and enhancing your strength. Tailored to your maximum strength, this part of the class is designed to push your limits while ensuring proper form.

Following the technique-focused phase, transition seamlessly into the high repetition range, where you'll have the opportunity to work on your muscle endurance. This section of the class is strategically designed to build stamina, complementing the strength-building exercises you performed earlier. 

Mixed movements

Experience a dynamic fusion of sports in 321 Lift. The program integrates a diverse variety of exercises and movements drawn from a collection of sports, including gymnastics, CrossFit, weightlifting, and bodybuilding. From deadlifts and squats to pull-ups and inversions - no class is ever the same, and every part of your body will be put to the test! 

Expert instructors

Each 321 Lift class is designed every day by one of the knowledgeable and expert instructors at 321 Sports. Prepare for an effective class that will constantly challenge you - with motivating guidance from a friendly coach along the way! Each exercise and movement is clearly demonstrated, with alternative options provided for beginners and advanced levels, plus weights can be recommended based on your fitness level and experience. 


Due to the range of weights incorporated into the workouts, 321 Lift classes provide a comprehensive workout experience. The workout mainly consists of barbells and dumbbells - with an extensive array of weight options on offer, so you can tailor your workout to you and the goal you’re working towards. 

Ready to try 321 Lift? If you're seeking rapid strength gains and a comprehensive conditioning experience, this class is ideal. Get strong - fast!


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Aug 16, 2022